Yung Chief Gets Ready for New Music

Born and raised in Barstow, CA, rapper Yung Chief started making music at an early age. His big brother and cousin had a group called Mic Squad and being around them everyday encouraged him to start his own artistic career. With music being his #1 passion, he looks up to artists like Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hustle because they authentically made something out of nothing. Having just released his second album “Hotter Than Barstow 2”, he communicates real life events through his music, hoping to offer listeners a new and unique perspective. While he pieces together a mini tour, Yung Chief has quite a bit in the works for 2022. He just finalized two collaborations with west coast artists Da Gutta Soul and Blaqbart – and he says there’s much more where that came from! If interested in booking Young Chief, contact: //“323-552-9009.

Listen to Yung Chief Here.

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