Lifeof9000 Wins New Grammys

Think of your favorite song. No average person ever thinks to themself, “I wonder who mixed this song”, or “I wonder who helped the artist write this melody”. Or better yet, we’ve all seen that documentary where our favorite artist has old video footage of them in the studio, right? But do we ever ask ourselves, “Who is that person sitting at that strange, huge console (who we can only see the back of their head) pressing all of those buttons in that same clip?” Not usually. Well, “that person” is known as a studio engineer. There’s one engineer that has never truly stepped out of the shadows until now. His resume speaks for itself, but you most likely won’t be able to put a face with the name. Ramon Rivas aka Lifeof9000 is who we are speaking of. He is better known as Ramon Rivas, but was given the name 9000, by none other than Andre 3000, His current projects include mixing the new Isley Brothers album, Belly, Puff Daddy new LOVE album, which he thinks will surprise plenty.

Ramon Rivas aka Lifeof9000 is a full time parent, so instead of chasing the sun in Lamborghini’s, he’s chasing his kids’ next scheduled event. With having a tribe of girls in the home, there’s not a moment that goes by that his mixing session isn’t interrupted by one of his daughters asking permission to invite a friend over, for a Zelle or cash app advance, or weekly allowance, but he loves it though. Family first.

So the question remains, how come he’s not on the cover of a billboard somewhere, or with his picture plastered on some Lifeof9000 billboards across the country? Well, to keep it simple, the life of most studio engineers is spent, well….in the studio. Who would’ve thought it? It takes hours upon hours to mix and master most artist’s records which leaves no time for many activities you see your favorite singer or rapper indulge in like clubbing, yachting, or the occasional paparazzi frenzied photoshoot. Work comes first for Lifeof9000.

But 9000 is in those most elite celebrity circles all the same. He was considered family to the late great Nipsey Hussle, even before Victory Lap dropped. He attended both NIP and Kobe’ Bryant’s funerals. Rest In Peace. He even mixed Kobe tributes and Yonce’ performance songs. Lifeof9000 DJ’d for Dolla (RIP), and rubs shoulders with Akon to this day from that connection. Still 9000 remains a private guy.  He tries to keep business and family somewhat separate by carrying around two phones, but overall not a flashy type of guy. Lifeof9000 just enjoys helping out those deserving of his help. He enjoys creating opportunities. You can know the guy for years, and he’ll give you a little to work with until he’s fully comfortable with you. No wonder, most people don’t know who and what an engineer does right?! Lifeof9000 has worked for JD at SoSo Def, got fired by Damon Dash at Roc-A-Fella, hung posters up for Diddy (when he was Puffy), and even wrote and coached Birdman (you know, the Mega Platinum CEO of Cash Money Records) on some song ideas.

And what about the music industry ladies you ask? Yes, Lifeof9000 has partnered pens with Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion, Tinashe and some famous woman whose name begins with the infamous letter B. Any other legends that Mr. Rivas worked with. Well, of course. He’s been mentioned by the infamous D.O.C. and built a rep with the Legendary Producer/Engineer Dr. Dre himself. By proving his work ethic, drive, and understanding of the music business 9000 was able to work his way up the ladder from an Intern at the label to an Engineer for the stars to a coordinator A&R with cash money records.

Some musicians Lifeof9000 enjoys collaborating with are G Herbo, Bugzee Lix, Nudi Blockchain, Dolla, Lloyd, and Reese Youngn. His accolades are etched in stone, and he has a Grammy from working with both Ariana Grande, and that famous Black is King Diva to prove it. For his latest resume’ builder,

Learn more about Lifeof9000 on his instagram or day to day management team Ralph Highend.


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