Emerging Hip-Hop Duo SAFETY CLUB drop their debut video “JUICE”

Genre-bending hip-hop duo SAFETY CLUB have dropped their debut single and video “JUICE”. The self-described “down to earth guys” arrive on the scene with a carefree attitude and sensibilities reminiscent of the Chicago hip-hop scene. Though their lyrics and visuals may be playful in nature, SAFETY CLUB’s unique approach to music production is sure to demand attention from hip-hop heads. 

SAFETY CLUB describes their debut as the perfect soundtrack for driving a Toyota Prius at barely legal speeds to your divorce court hearing”. In other words, this is a track for feelin’ yourself no matter what hardships you’re going through. 

The video, directed by SAFETY CLUB producer Shan, is loosely inspired by the opening scene of Guy Ritchie’s cult classic film Snatch, takes place in a convenience store setting with vocalist Ronnie Sinclair dancing his way through the aisles as he raps to the camera.

The video was shot in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes after a series of catastrophic gear failures, finishing with a minute to spare, no time for playback and no confirmation that they actually got the shots until the next day. Once again, the classic SAFETY CLUB adage has been confirmed: perfect everything in life by practicing in your kitchen for three days in a row and nothing can stop you”, shared SAFETY CLUB.

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Watch “Juice” on YouTube here.

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