New Music: Key Glock – “I’m The Type”

With his relentless appetite for flexing and the bankroll to back it up, Key Glock isn’t like those other guys. Determined to prove that he’s a cut above the average, he shares his new single “I’m The Type,”. Blessed with ringing piano from Bandplay, “I’m The Type” finds Glizzock giving a methodical rundown to explain why he’s sicker than the average emcee:

“I’m the type of n**** spend six figures on my wrist/You that type of n**** that be stressin’ bout the rent.”

Though the piano loosely resembles the Bridal March, Key Glock is clear throughout the song that he’s not the marrying type, flaunting his playboy attitude with blunt-force bars.

Stay tuned for much more from the prolific young rapper as 2021 moves along here.

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