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Edison is the future of what R&B music is looking forward to. At the age of two, he was exposed to music heavily since the radio was always on in his house. Listening to R&B music inspired him to become an R&B artist listening to Usher, Boyz II Men, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and many more while growing up. Edison is not only involved with the music world, but is also involved with his other passions as an actor, dancer, film writer, and sports while being a former athlete. He may not be the typical artist that everyone is into, but Edison is as unique as they get. We sat down with Edison to learn more about his musical influences and what he has in store for 2021.

1) Of all of your musical influences, who do you feel inspired you the most and why?

Usher most definitely. He is the one who inspired me to do music ever since I was a two year old child. He made creating music look cool. The way he sang, the way he danced, the way he performed on stage, and the way that he brought excitement to his fans was like no other. He was the top R&B artist at the time from the late 90s to the early 2000s so I wanted to be like him. I wanted to dress I like him, I wanted to sing to girls like him, and I wanted to entertain people just like he did. It gave me the inspiration to want to be the best R&B artist at some point.

2) What equipment did you begin recording yourself on and how does it differ from what you’re using now?

When I first started recording music I was sticking with Pro Tools which a lot of people still use to this day. I was using the regular M-Audio interface that almost every artist at the time was using. There was a point in time where I was using an Audio Box and PreSonus was the software that came with it. Today I use a Scarlett audio interface which is a really good piece of equipment that today’s artists’ use with Logic X being my current software. If we are going to compare what I use now to what I used to have, I think the equipment that I was using in the beginning was a great way to start especially if you are new to the recording process so Pro Tools and PreSonus are great introductions to get you familiar with how things work within a professional or a homemade studio. Logic X is a very popular one that people use and is more advanced that most softwares that others tend to use. If you are not familiar with how music interfaces work and do not know where things go then I highly would not recommend it. So the ones that I use now are more for people that know their way around the studio and have been creating music for years. I’m not speaking for all artists, I’m just giving my perspective on it. I’m sure the ones that I use now are easier for some.

3) You were signed to Static Records in 2016. How did it feel to be signed to a label and what was one of the best things that came from this relationship?

It was a great feeling. I always told myself that I wanted to sign my first record deal before I turned 21 and I did. So far I would say it was my greatest accomplishment. When I was still with the label, I think one of the best things that came from it was learning how the industry worked inside and out. I was in the meetings with the CEO when we were talking to show promoters, musicians, other labels, other artists, managers, agents, and anything you can possibly name that the music industry has to offer. Another great thing that came from it was doing shows year in and year out. I did a lot of shows in those two years that I was signed to the label. There was a lot of traveling during those two years and it was very exciting and a huge boost as far as meeting new fans and creating a buzz in every place that you performed at. Learning how the entertainment industry worked and what it had to offer was probably the most memorable moment.

4) Tell us about the success of your song “Break It Down”. Did that lead to more work and collaborations?

To be honest with you, I don’t think “Break It Down” had any true success. On a personal level it was a success because it was my first song that ever got released on digital platforms so it was a proud moment for me, but as far as sales and streams it did not do as well as I would have liked for it to. One thing that the song did not have that “Lay You Down” had was great marketing. The label and I did not do a good job marketing that song. I wish I knew what I know now at that time so that the song could have been in the ears of people who are not familiar with the track. I probably could have given myself a bigger audience if I just talked with the label more on how we could promote the song a lot better. Even though the song flopped, it did catch a lot of attention. It did open up opportunities for collaborations with other singers, rappers, producers, and songwriters. It lead to more shows to where I was opening up for popular artists in the Bay Area and other places all around NorCal.

5) What is your creative process like? Do you write the song lyrics first and then find the beat? Or do you find a beat and then write the song lyrics based on the vibe?

The creative process can work either way. It does not matter whether the beat or the lyrics come first. Most of the time my songs are based on experiences and fantasy. Sometimes there’s a beat that I hear and it reminds me of my mood when I think about a certain time  of my life when it comes to my past or I think about a concept and I write the lyrics only to create the beat afterwards. So the process can go either way it just depends on where I am mentally and emotionally at the time. Another way that I create music is listen to a song that I really like and just use it as a reference track. That of course is a common way for artists to write their music.

6) 2020 was a turbulent year. What are some challenges you faced as an artist and what are some good things that came out of it?

In 2020, it was difficult to go out and connect with people in the industry because of the virus. Social media has become my best friend throughout this whole quarantine since I could not meet with people in person. Not being able to do shows and do any gigs whether it was for music and acting is tough, but I am still able to record more music and connect with my fans a lot more since everyone is staying at home. I think 2020 has forced me to work harder than ever before and it honestly was a huge reality check. It has taught me that time waits for no man and that things can be taken from you before you can even save it. 2020 was a very difficult year, but I was able to add two managers to my team including UneekInt. He is the one helping me throughout the music process and teaching me things about the industry that I never knew about. Having him as a manager has helped change my perspective on how the music industry is ran and has given me a plan on how to achieve the goals that I want for myself. So it is easy to say that as an artist last year was a difficult one to look back on since it did stop us from doing certain things, but I was able to find beauty in it by continuing to learn, connect different, and just record new music.

7) What is new for you in 2021? Can fans expect new music?

There is more music to come. I have a new song coming out soon I am just ironing out a plan with how to market it, how to distribute it, and how to make this next track bigger than my last one. One of the goals is to collaborate with more artists and producers so that I can expand myself within the creative process. An album is in the works so stay tuned! I do plan on doing more film work as well as far my career in acting and as a film writer. I plan to make 2021 a great year not just for myself, but for my fans as well.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/30tQxSbvAU6kpTOsMzVeM3?si=EnDAbIdqQJaRwoblSDjqpg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsofficialedison/

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