Nicole Shiraz Is Raising The Bar To Traditional Swimwear With Her New Brand- “Nalia Swim”

Born and Raised in Sydney, Australia, Nicole Shiraz is a successful 25-year-old entrepreneur that decided to leave behind a career in sports broadcasting and relocate to Los Angeles, California. Not knowing what would come next, her love for luxury handbags sparked an idea that would later become a million-dollar business!

In 2019, Shiraz launched “Boss Ladies”, a luxury handbag rental company where you can lease popular brands such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel. At the time, she had no prior business experience but wanted to create a brand that would help ladies, like herself, get their hands on their favorite luxury items!

“My business went viral in Australia; it was valued at one million dollars in six months!” Shiraz revealed, “I was able to sell the company at 3 million just after a year and a half, I could have held on to it but due to the uncertainty of COVID I had to do what I had to do.”

Following the success of her first business, Shiraz began to think of what she should do next? She admits her smartest move after selling “Boss Ladies” was purchasing the Instagram account which already had over 90 thousand followers and began rebranding the page for her next business.

Now the 25-year-old is getting ready to launch her new line, “Nalia Swim”! The swimwear line designed exclusively by Nicole Shiraz is not your typical beach swimsuit. In fact, Nalia Swim is a high fashion brand that is made in the United States that is inspired by her Australian and American lifestyle.

“There’s one thing I noticed about Australian culture and American culture.” She explained, “In Australia when we wear a bikini, we wear a bikini! Were going to the beach, were getting a tan, and that’s it! But here in Los Angeles, I get invited to events and I feel pressured to look my best. I can’t just put on any swimsuit, It has to be a fashion statement!”

In the future, Shiraz hopes to see her pieces on artists such as Cardi B, DaniLeigh, and Rubi Rose! She admits these artists represent exactly what “Nalia Swim” is all about, feeling confident and empowering women all around world.

Shiraz created “Nalia Swim” with the idea of wanting women to feel confident and raising the bar to the traditional swim wear. The brand is inclusive to all body types, as each piece is created with a spandex material that compliments every shape and size. The swimwear line is OUT NOW and available WORLDWIDE!

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