Newcomer Nightkquil Empowers Rising Creatives and Artists in California

Emerging California artist Nightkquil is a versatile musician that contributes from rap, alternative rock, indie trap, lofi and distorted trap. His musical inspirations come from Snoop Dogg, ASAP Rocky, Lauren Hill, Earl Sweatshirt, Chief Keef, Xxxtentacion and some bands such as Escape the Fate and Puffy Ami Yumi from Fontana, California. Other inspirations are music style that comes from Atlanta from artist that worked with Producers like Mexikodro and Icytwat, like Unotheactivist, Thouxandbanfauni, Dsavage, and more.

He’s been making music since 2018 and has accomplished 100k views on SoundCloud and a small fan base from underground California, Atlanta, and Florida, his goals are to become a legend to the new generation’s youth, to have people recognize him as one of the greatest in the new generations time.

OneWest: Where are you from and how’d you first discover hip-hop?

Nightkquil: I’m from Southern California in the IE. I first heard about hip hop music when I was a toddler, didn’t start paying attention to it until I was in middle school.

OneWest: This last decade couldn’t prepare us for what 2020 has brought this year. What’s the storyline been like for you? 

Nightkquil: It’s been really frustrating, 2020 has held me back from a lot of things especially music wise but, it’s also taught me the importance of patience.

OneWest: Who are your musical influences?

Nightkquil: Of all time it would be Lauren Hill, Andre 3000, Gorillaz inc. and Snoop Dogg, but of this generation I’d have to say Pierre Bourne, ASAP rocky, and Xxxtentacion.

OneWest: What is the sound that you have been creating and what sound are you looking to deliver to your fans?

Nightkquil: I have an obsession with the moon and outer space, so the sound I want to created is a sound that is themed from outer space “out of this world” or also known as “trippie”, I want to deliver to my fans a sound that creates astral projection.

OneWest: What’s the number one thing you want to contribute to the music and hip-hop?

Nightkquil: I want to contribute being true to the culture, be someone that others can look up to in the hip hop world.

OneWest: How have you utilized social media  to keep connected with your fans and how have you been able to share new content with them?

Nightkquil: By using a strategy I call “thirsting for the unknown” people look at my photos and lyrics and don’t know the meaning of them, and because it drives people to figure out the meaning I give them what they want but only in clues.

OneWest: What advice do you give to emerging creatives and song writers across the world?

Nightkquil: It sounds cliche, but don’t stop with the dream chasing the entire world could be doubting you it only takes the minority to let you know to keep grinding and eventually you’ll create a majority.

OneWest: What’s next for you in 2021?

Nightkquil: In 2021, I need to redeem everything I couldn’t do in 2020, it’s time to give people what they want after doing a whole year of preparing and studying.

Stay connected with Nightkquil for upcoming announcements and releases here.

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