Up and Coming Artist J Wade Drops His Latest Single “Free Smoke” and Reveals He Is Working On A New Project.

Up and coming Artist J Wade wants to show people that no matter what life throws at you, you can still make it out on top! Born in a small poverty-stricken town known as “Susan Park” in Kenner, Louisiana, J Wade later moved to Houston, Tx in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina. He still currently resides in Houston where he is now focusing on building his music career.

J Wade began making music his junior year in high school. He enjoyed freestyling with his friends and at the age of 16 he recorded his first track. Soon after he released a visual and a few more tracks, slowly gaining recognition by his peers. At first, J Wade did not think of the possible long-term goals when it came to his music career but after receiving positive feedback, he knew he had to take it up a notch.

However, the independent artist admits he had some dark moments that affected not only his life but also his career. From selling drugs at 13 to spending a year in jail for manufacturing and aggravated assault, J Wade is ready to move forward leaving some of those memories in the past.

He shared, “I’ve been put into certain situations that can’t be spoken on but it’s all to say that I made it through all these things, and you can hear the seriousness, the drive and passion in my music when you hear it and understand it.”

The Hip Hop artist prides himself in being real, raw, and authentic. He explains that his music is inspired by his life and is constantly motivated by the desire to take his loved ones out of poverty.

Ultimately J Wade wants his music to be relatable to his fans. He wants it to speak to those who come from nothing and are hoping to get out of any negative situation. Growing up, he loved listening to music that he could relate to. Now he is always thinking of ways he could do the same for others through his own lyrics.

The up-and-coming artist is ready to prove that he has what it takes to make it big time in the music industry. Earlier this year he released his single “2020” and just dropped some new heat! His latest track “Free Smoke” was released today via social media. It is just the beginning for J Wade, aside from promoting his latest single, he is also working endlessly to deliver his next project! The new mixtape has no set release date, but it is confirmed that it will feature 6 to 7 tracks.

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