Rucci and ALLBLACK Take on the LAPD in His New “Okay Doeee” Video

Rucci- Midget- Okay Doeee

Inglewood rapper Rucci stands up for the city with every breath. Connecting with a fellow Cali rap all-star, Rucci recruits ALLBLACK for his latest video, “Okay Doeee”. Produced by prolific L.A. sound architect Ron-RonTheProducer, the new visual is a proudly disrespectful banger, as Rucci and ALLBLACK proudly assert their dedication to running up a bankroll:

“Its brazy all the shit I done in my life
I don’t regret one thang
“N***a I do it twice
(N***a I do it twice)”

In the Keoni Mars directed video, the two rappers run a convoluted heist, turning themselves into the L.A.P.D. before taking cash from the evidence locker and heading to an underground casino.

“Okay Doeee” is one of many highlights from Midget, Rucci’s new album. Named after a nickname given to him during his youth, Midget finds Rucci maturing as an artist, while still treating his fans to the deliriously ratchet punchlines they’ve come to expect.

The album is the proper follow-up to his 2019’s album Tako’s Son, which channeled personal tragedy into musical triumph. Named after Rucci’s father and influenced by his late rap partner Sean Mackk, the album is ultimately a celebration of family, teeming with lessons Rucci learned from his father, mother, aunts, and uncles, and also from his adopted family in the Inglewood streets.

Watch the new video for “Okay Doeee” ft. ALLBLACK below and leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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