Q&A: RnB Singer Jeda Voice

Jeda Voice is a Riverside native who is here to make a name for himself. His sound and style remind you of the traditional R&B that you love today but with more of an edge. Music was always a way that Jeda Voice could express himself freely and share his true, authentic self. He recently released his first album PW8 II which you can stream now on all music platforms! Get to know Jeda Voice below!

Q: What is your genre?

A: I would like to say I am alternative R&B


Q: When did you start doing music?

A: I wrote my first poem in elementary school, that’s when I discovered I had the skill of writing, yeah, my mom couldn’t believe What I wrote at that age.


Q: When did you start taking music seriously?

A: My family was always big on church and I spent a lot of my time inside the youth and mass choir which led up to me singing behind Kirk Franklin at a gospel festival.


Q: When did you record your first record?

A: I recorded my first record in the ninth grade, so I was 13,14, I started to take it seriously then after I heard myself through the headphones it was like I met myself for the first time. When I was 19, I started my own female group, I held auditions all around the IE, riverside, Moreno Valley, corona. I finally was at a point when I picked six girls who I felt at the time was really dope at singing, I wrote all there music, we would rehearse at my mom’s house she had like a small loft upstairs and that’s where we did our thing. It was a great experience for me but of course females’ groups don’t last right? So, they broke up, after they broke, I found myself a solo artist to write for, Moreno Valley had a talent show and a friend of mine told me there was this girl who sound like Mariah Carey, so I told him “Get her number bro!” Her parents gave the ok and we ended up having a good thing while it lasted.


Q: Who inspires your sound?

A: I learned almost everything from the-dream, to me when he came in the game he revolutionize the next wave of what R&B was, that was my influence he made it OK to say certain things that you wouldn’t normally say on the R&B record, when he first followed me on Twitter I lost my shit haha, yeah The way I look at it he’s Michael Jordan but I’m Kobe.. we all know how great Kobe was but he wouldn’t be where he was if it wasn’t for Michael Jordan and those lessons studying the game and perfecting it to me I think it’s key, never stop studying the greats, also shout out to Devante swing, Jodeci, Ne-Yo, Craig David, ryn Leslie, Rico love I learn from them too.


Q: Who is your motivation and why?

A: Everyday life, and everyday people motivate me, critics and politics, haters, my family motivates me, the one who says I can vs the ones who said I can’t, my friends motivate me the ones I talk to on a daily.

Q: What impact are you looking to make?

A: How I want to impact, I would most definitely use certain skill sets that I’ve developed over time and just apply it in strong sessions, be true to my heart and others have no pride, and always be real with what I’m doing And understand that everything is a process. Can’t rush the seeds that are planted.


Q: In your opinion, what makes you stand out from other/current artists?

A: What makes me stand out is one I’m 6’3, 6’4 I’ve always been a big guy, my work ethic I’m so possessed and obsessed with creating something new, I’m able to adjust to any setting, I’m able to succeed out of my own comfort zone, everything I’m doing right now is very uncomfortable, it’s so many levels I can take this we are just getting started and I’m excited to prove it!


Q: What message are you trying to send to your audience?

A: The message that I want to leave to the audience is always go where your celebrated stay away from people that just tolerate you because they are not helping you grow like it’s hard out here and you need as much inspiration and positive people as possible, Especially with these great ideas that you have. always give back and believe that no matter what you will persevere, god’s timing and your timing is not the same time, always go after opportunity, stay connected with how you feel and do what’s right for you. Last but not least celebrate yourself.


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Instagram @Jedavoice
Twitter @lightskinbigie
Snapchat lightskinbiggie

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