Drei Ros, Sharlene and RobYoung Release “Excuse My Accent” – A Single of Truth, Struggle and Hope for Change

Excuse My Accent” is a song/music video that embodies the immigration experience and highlights the racial divide in America. The song now serves as an immigration focused rally cry to speak up about the distraught state of the country. In an effort to create change, one Music Video has created a National Movement and global media platform designed to share cultural stories of inclusivity, spotlight incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds, and feature organizations that are helping multicultural communities in America. The “Excuse My Accent” Music Video was created by artists from all around the world – Romanian/American artist Drei Ros, Dominican artist Sharlene and Black artist RobYoung. The song delivers a message of truth, struggle, and hope for change.

From music and documentaries, to nonprofit initiatives, interviews and events, Excuse My Accent has now created a creative content hub and platform committed to sharing multicultural experience in the U.S. through stories of empowerment and perseverance. It is a global collective of entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, and advocates inspired to transform the narrative of diverse communities to drive change. They believe in highlighting the similarities in our shared human experiences while empowering each other through the celebration of our unique cultural differences. All in the name of creating change in our country.

The song is produced by The Donuts and MP808 (808 Mafia) with creative assistance by Grammy nominated songwriter Kief Brown. Following the song production, Richard Stan (international award winning music video director and producer) brought the “Excuse My Accent” song to life by directing, shooting and editing the music video (pre-pandemic). While international award winning producer Tian Liu (Tigertail Production) coordinated the heart pulling production – which involved over 60 actors. The cinematic score was then added in by Alex Mazzaev to bring out the emotional impact of the music video. Mixing thought-provoking lyrics with a catchy hook and hard banging lows, “Excuse My Accent” has just the right blend to become a generational anthem for the next cultural wave.


  • The 2018 census bureau data finds that Gen Z, or the “post-Millennial” generation, is already the most racially and ethnically diverse generation.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. residents now live in a city or CDP in which one-third of the population speaks a foreign language at home.  -Center for Immigration Studies

 Visit www.ExcuseMyAccent.com to be part of the groundbreaking movement.


DREI ROS | “‘Excuse My Accent’ is more than a song for me, it is a statement. The song is not only the story of my life, it is the story of many immigrants that moved from all over the world to the United States to live the American dream. We are living in a time where division is at an all-time high and I believe that things will only change if we decide to see each other as human beings first. It is my hope this song can inspire and bring people together through the tough times we face as a country and as a world.”

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­BIO: The beat starts with Drei Ros. The Romanian born Hip Hop artist and producer, has created a distinctive lane for himself in the music industry by pulling inspiration from around the world. Drei’s music seamlessly mixes transnational genres and multi-language lyrics wired together by electronic dance beats. He has overtime created an individual sound that is undeniably unique, yet universally applauded.

Artists, producers and fans have gravitated to his charismatic style, authentic wordplay and ability to experiment with a diverse range of music genres. Drei has previously collaborated with headlining names such as: Pusha T, Kap G, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid, Breakfast n Vegas and Jamaican Reggae legend Junior Reid. His latest star-studded single collaboration is “Tables Turn 2.0” –from Drei Ros, Jamby El Favo and Oplus featuring Rich The Kid, DJ Paul, Melymel and Alexcis.

ROB YOUNG | “As a songwriter you know a special moment is created through music when you see the connection to listeners. ‘Excuse My Accent’ is a beautiful piece of art because it extends beyond the music and is a translation for real life human experiences. It’s a story of the celebration through struggle. I knew this was a moment when I began writing it. As soon as Drei and I came up with the concept we knew it isn’t a song, it is an anthem to a modern day movement.”

 BIO: RobYoung is conscious rap marries commercial Hip Hop meets entrepreneur. As a talented lyricist, songwriter and advocate, he has an exceptional ability to paint lyrical pictures and command attention with his energy. Born in Tacoma, Washington to a family that owned the largest African art museum in the North West covering Africans from the Diaspora, Robert “RobYoung” Walker had social consciousness ingrained in him at a very young age. His parents served as the central point of inspiration. His father was an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and poet. And his mother, the citywide director of MESA, a nonprofit geared at giving minorities access to S.T.E.M. education. Rob found a strong sense of what it means to create a foundation for equality and appreciate the power of the arts.

From his days attending Portland State University through his time in the Bay Area and LA, he has always found ways to sharpen his artistic and entrepreneurial skills, and ability to bring people together through event companies, digital marketing, and continuing the family tradition through art, performance and entrepreneurship. In 2019, RobYoung co-founded Excuse My Accent, a media platform spotlighting positive stories of diversity, culture, and advocacy. RobYoung holds a deeply rooted belief in people’s capacity to collectively create a better future through any odds. His music and business-minded spirit is best rounded up in his favorite phrase “Impossible is a challenge.”

 SHARLENE | “‘Excuse My Accent’ is a very significant song for me. It embodies a powerful message that all my immigrant brothers and sisters share. It’s amazing to be a part of this along Drei and Rob. I hope the day comes when we can all appreciate and celebrate every accent and each identity.”

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