Maryland Artist, Bounce Beat Black gives Hip-Hop a new twist!

Maryland Artist, Bounce Beat Black is shooting his shot at being a solo artist after being in a GoGo Band for several years. The independent artist began making music in 2007 but truly dove into the scene around 2009 when GoGo music was on the rise in his hometown. From being the lead rapper to getting down on the keyboard in his GoGo Band, Bounce Beat Black is on the road to conquer it ALL! The Maryland artist can play multiple instruments, writes, produces, and engineers all of his music.

The musician is heavily inspired from the time he spent back in GoGo Band days. In fact, his stage name Bounce Beat Black comes from a style of GoGo music called “Bounce Back” combined with his old nickname “black”. Now the solo artist focuses on making hip-hop music but of course he always draws back to his roots giving his sound a GoGo twist.

“My sound is very melodic, a mixture of singing and rapping, and I take a lot from my GoGo band days my music uses a lot of chants and hooks that really resembles that GoGo sound.” He explained, “I don’t think its traditional in current Hip Hop how to write verses the way I do with a mixture of bars and chants.”

Music has always been Bounce Beat Black’s passion. When he was younger, he recalls having all the new CD’s and mixtapes. His friends even looked at him as a music critic! Eventually, he started his own band and learned how to play instruments leading him to really fall in love with the process of making music. However, the environment he grew up in was not always the easiest and he thanks music for always taking him down the right path.

“Where I was growing up at in Landover MD it was really a dark time,” He revealed, “Just being young and a product of my environment at that time music really took me out of that and put in a new space and gave me the opportunity to meet so many new people and took me places I probably would have never been.”

In the future, Bounce Beat Black plans to grow his music career while uplifting his community. He would like to show unity and change the stigma by helping and teaching people in his hometown.

Another goal of his would be to retire his mom for good all while doing what he loves the most! He revealed that his biggest motivation comes from his mother and his future family. He hopes to get his future family ahead of the curve, something he never had growing up.

Bounce Beat Black is not your average hip-hop artist. His GoGo inspired sound is what sets him apart from the rest. The independent artist has opened for PnB Rock and has performed in Hollywood at the Sayers Club.

Fast Forward to 2020, the independent artist is focusing on making new music. Despite the global pandemic, the Bounce Beat Artist has been putting in work! Earlier this year he released his two latest singles titled, “For You” and “Catastrophe”. Both tracks got the city going UP! Currently, he’s working on his first album that will be released next year.



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