B Bentley Is Here To Stay! Get to know the North Philly Rapper/Songwriter!



B Bentley is on a mission to make his dreams a reality. The North Philly rapper began his journey over a decade ago when he was 16 years old. At the time he taught himself how to make beats and began engineering music in his room. Now B Bentley is a rapper and songwriter! He writes music for himself and others. His music style/sound is a combination of DMX mixed with Biggie and Future. The independent artist has come a long way and is grateful to be doing what he loves.

“In 2009 I fell off making beats and jumped in the streets at 17.” He revealed, “I was in and out of prison, got shot by a stray bullet at 17 but ever since then… IM BLESSED.”

The North Philly rapper got his artist name from when he attended discipline school.  At the school everyone went by a nickname or their last name. His name followed him back to the neighborhood and eventually everyone was calling him B Bentley!

For a long time, B Bentley would make music to express himself. He revealed, “I don’t vent to people or trust people with my feelings, so I vent to the mic. When I use to make beats, I use to vent through producing music.”


His relentless attitude and hard work ethic are qualities that many admire. In fact, he gets motivation from those who are rooting for him to win. He hopes that he will inspire people who consider themselves the black sheep. Also, people that have been neglected, back stabbed, lied to, and prisoners who have been in and out of jail.

B Bentley has not disappointed us in 2020! All year long the independent artist has dropping new music back to back! Starting with his album that was released in April titled “Ecstasy”, followed by the deluxe version he released on sound cloud a month later. In June, he released a 5 track Ep titled, “Sr9” and last month he surprised us with his latest single “2 and a Baby”!

On top of that, B Bentley is also in the middle of starting his own label called “C4 Entertainment Group”! Who knows what B Bentley has in store for us next but better believe it will be something great!

Wanna Keep Up With The Latest Music From B Bentley? His music is available on all major streaming platforms!


Social Media:

Instagram: bbentleyc4

YouTube: B Bentley


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