The Great Accomplishments of Serenthia Joseph

Serenthia Joseph

Serenthia Joseph born and Raised in New Orleans, La. Ms. Joseph has accomplished extraordinary things in the state of Louisiana. She attended Southern University at Baton Rouge, where she obtained a degree in Biology and published two Scientific Journals online. Serenthia served her community in the city of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, in the state of Mississippi and Virginia along with other community leaders distributing food and feeding the homeless. Her dream was to always become a doctor yet Ms. Joseph is very gifted and talented. Fashion has always been her escape to express herself. She has participated in dressing Top Models for the Magazine Covers such as Express Runway Models Magazine.

In 2009, she joined the “Fashion Institution of New Orleans” while improving her modeling skills and even her acting career at BestMotion Film Production located downtown New Orleans. In her own words, “Taking acting classes has strengthened my ability to feel more confident in my actions and words when it comes to speaking to large groups and even presentations.” Thiswas a high step for reorganizing her attitude toward  public speaking. Her belief system arise from family histories, reading spiritual books, psychology, and biology that which changed her life for the better. When Serenthia graduated high school she received her Diploma as well as her Completed Certifications at the Fashion Institute of New Orleans.  Serenthia has  visited Top Big Companies and Brands in the city of New York  such as Hugo Boss, Teen Vogue, Keith Cole where she met him, and more behind the Big Corporate Fashion Industries. Her New

Exclusive Brand called “EndositeCo” have been an amazing collection, eyes catching , yet intriguing and unique styles nor something anyone has seen in years, it is phenomenal.  Endosite means to look within the center of yourself to determine one’s  destiny. The symbol is a hierarchy that is a continuous cycle of faith, love, hope and courage. The gold represents the divine ones to see themselves as a solid Gold and worthy human being.

When you break down the two words endo is a word for internal or inside and site is location. For all the believers who is looking for a presentable appearance. Endosite can help you to express your true self or visual expression through the brand various types of styles. Endosite is to inspire the people of all ages to be connected with the universe pure calling of wealth and discount from the unlimited trials and tribulations that brings their way. This is a healing product that represents courage, love, peace and harmony. The purpose of this company is to promote meditation, good health, leadership, and more.

When it come to leadership everyone should know the importance of being realistic about being facets with themselves. This brand focus on the evolution of change around into a modern style of fashion. A new beginning to feel embodied with the product to execute a high quality lifestyle. There’s a light that cannot shine. The rise of the brand has been initiated by science, psychology, meditation, and human nature. Let Endosite ignite the uniquest forms of your life into a casual creative you. This product is for the believers who are looking for a presentable appearance for indoor and outdoor attires.

The Company’s mission statement is to present high quality fashion amongst infants to adults. This brand is to be represented and worn by celebrities, in high-performance areas such as concerts, NBA games, NFL, Olympics and all walks of life. Endosite is a high end 21st century fashion that will continue to spark eyes and pulling audiences that are highly attracted to change in fashion. It is an upscale, classy and versatile brand Known in Our Modern Time. Endosite company is expanding and making an enormous impact in the Fashion Industry and Instagram platform.

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  1. Congratulations! I am proud of your accomplishments and pray that God will continue to send more blessings your way!! Awesome!!

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