Pee Rarie Talks Baton Rouge, Superstardom & Gangsta Feva in New Interview

Baton Rouge. The home of rap superstars Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie), Webbie, Kevin Gates and the newest sensation Pee Rarie. Being acknowledged by Hip-Hop for his breakout hit, “Dem Jiggaz.” Following his big hit, Rarie kept the momentum with a string of hits and a collaboration with fellow rising star $icario500 to form the group, Twin Dragons. As his collaboration project spreads throughout the streets, Pee Rarie parallels with his new solo effort, titled, Gangsta Feva.

Today, we get an in-depth look into the new artist, where he comes from and what he has in store for the near future as he sits down with us for a little chat. Find out everything about Pee Rarie below.

For those who don’t know, who is Pee Rarie?

To those of you who don’t know me … I go by Pee Rarie coming at you live from the capital of Louisiana my home (Baton Rouge) ….I’m fresh in the industry, just trying to make a legendary name fa myself an put on for my family and my Dragons (Soldado)

In your own words, definitively describe your style?

To be completely honest. My style has no definition. It has no limits …I use to write poems before I started rapping. And that made me a more emotional writer than most rappers, so once
I started learning to swag my poems. Into raps then I became unique an as the years went on I learned so much to the point now…I can almost adapt to any style and sound I’m around it took a lot to get this way but I thank god for it because it’s my pain and the personal battles/struggles that really gives me dat passions a makes all my songs come alive…I’ve always said “the best artists are always the ones who are traumatized with the worst life”

Baton Rouge has produced some of the biggest names in music history. What is it about the Boot city that creates a signature sound that the world can’t get enough of?

I really love how Baton Rouge poppin’ right now, Louisiana deserves it as a state. We’ve been thru a lot for real, the world know we really living these lyrics, these ain’t just songs to us this real pain on these beats ours style is one of a kind from Baton Rouge to New Orleans we have our own culture and the world loves Seeing and hearing different things ….but most of all I think it’s our passion we go hard behind whatever means something to us and I feel as tho the world feel it when they listening ‬

With so many describing you as greatness, does that ever apply tremendous amounts of pressure on you as a creator within the music?

To be real at first it did, but that’s normal everything happened. In the blink of an eye, kind of took me by surprise but, after I had time to myself locked in the studio, I realized what an who I was making music for…an that’s was because I had no one to talk to or vent to about all da bad things that happened to me in my life. When my father died all I had was music when big mama died all I had was music, even when my little heart got broke the music pulled me threw it’s like my therapy it’s where I get everything out without judgment from nobody but myself about myself, so I feel no pressure being myself is what got me this far and I’m very proud of that.

How did you know “Misused” was a hit?

I wrote Misused while I was at work driving a forklift, just a regular day at work bored ready to clock out randomly thinking bout all the girls who did me wrong and never really knowing what I did to make them do the things the did or why… Then Boom. MISUSED was created. I really was just venting pouring my heart out to the mic because that’s the only place I feel I can get emotions off my chest an people felt my pain as well as theirs because I know everyone has been thru heartbreak before… It’s real it’s relatable it’s relevant to all ages and races everybody has bn hurt before the sad truth is the majority of them never let it show … I showed mine threw misused an I think this is why it has been so successful

Your mixtape Gangsta Feva is a surprise to a lot of Hip-Hop fans. What was it like making the project and your favorite song off the mixtape and why?

Gangsta Feva was a very exciting project for me because it was my first ever full project an also my first time having any music on all streaming platforms, that was major for me. I’ve been gettin’ a lot of good feedback from a lot of important people an I’m thankful for it all but I also wanna keep elevating and keep learning ima true student of the game. I think my favorite song off of “GANGSTA FEVA” is “MISUSED” simply because of the musical elevation I see in myself as I listen to it I’m far from a singer but I’m learning how to harmonize more and my mind frame hasn’t been as dark as it uses to be if you didn’t notice go listen to Gangsta Feva. Let it run from the front to the back and you will actually see an hear a lot of my musical growth as u get deeper into the tape.

After hearing the response from the people on Gansta Feva, is there anything you would like to redo or wish you could have added considering sonically, mixing, mastering, etc?

I wouldn’t change anything about my new tape simply because my path is already made god fronted me another life and allowed me to b physically an mentally healthy enough to make music an release it, so everything is exactly how it’s sposed to be an that’s fasho!

Who got you into Hip-Hop and making music?

Lil Wayne and the Hot Boys were the reason I ever even thought about trying to turn my poems into raps, after hearing Lil Wayne song “Bling Bling” an watching the “Hot Girl” video my mind was set (laughs).

When did you realize that a career in music was real?

I already was talented but a rap career was the farthest thing from my mind because it’s hard to dream of being a rap star when you got to clutch guns hoping an praying you make it to da next day, But I’ll neva forget this day. I had just come home from prison and my brother, $icario500, hit me up an was like he saw a few of my Instagram videos where I was rapping to beats. He then said he was trying to start an independent label he pulled up on me and that’s when I knew it was real. We have been locked in ever since that’s family and he uses to always tell me I was way too talented to throw it away in da streets and how I got real-life stories to tell, I’m forever grateful that’s my dragon fa life

How did you originally meet Guy B Duhon Jr and express the impact he has had on your career?

OG GUY that’s the family… I meet him threw my bro $icario500 a few years back. Good vibes and family values all it’s ever been with us. Guy has also help me understand the business side of the music world, which I feel all artists should learn an figure out because without the business the music will never go as far as it possibly can go. Guy is a big reason for all my success so far and I’m forever thankful to God for placing him and my bro $icario500 in the path of my second life.

Tell us about some of the struggles and setbacks you endured during your come up?

I’ve been dealing with setbacks and struggles all my life from the passing of my father to da death of my grand mother, after I lost them I was forced to grow up much faster than a lot of people I use to be around, started running the streets An that lead to me going in an out of jail fighting charges ever since just trying to survive and produce something for myself. Things kind of got better when my bro $icario500 hit me up about the music, everything was perfect and music started taking me places I never been, I meet new people and learning new things in the best studios with the equipment I never seen before. I was inspired and my mind actually thought everything was finna change for me but I was wrong 2 weeks later after I returned to my home in Baton Rouge I have shot in my face and my neck at 2 am on a street called n.acadian just a few blocks away from N.38th street. I was left for dead in da middle of da road. I didn’t panic I was calm I repented am told god I was ready no tears just blood, I felt no pain but my face was shattered and my right arm was paralyzed. When I woke up my mouth was wired shut and all my family was looking at my in tears but I made them hold they tears, I said “if I’m not crying y’all bet not cry” even tho I had tubes everywhere I had to smile threw it so moms wouldn’t cry around me. My music stalled an I didn’t know if I would ever be able to rap again because that shot to da neck had me learning how to eat and chew again but god shook me bak now I’m here so anything after November 30th is a blessing for me.

What more can we expect from your collaboration mixtape Twin Dragons between you and $icaro500?

Don’t want to give away to much… But just know “TWIN DRAGONS” will b da most unique sound the world will ever hear stay tuned… Thanks forever thing we love all our fans/family

Stream Pee Rarie’s new album, Gangsta Feva below.

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