Lil Savvy: The Rising Gospel Hip-Hop Artist Gives His 5 Reasons Why You Are Failing As An Artist

What are five reasons artist are not growing ?

Marketing first
As an artist you must invest into marketing, you can have the best music or be the best rapper out there where ever you are located but if no one knows you , then how will the music get heard? Marketing! Lil Savvy also specializes in marketing so if you need marketing be sure to contact him.

Another reason you are failing as an artist is image. Who wants to be a fan of a artist that’s not unique at all, sorry to say that this is 2020 and people like what’s crazy and weird , that just what’s sales. You don’t have to be off the wall with it but you also can’t be a boring artist have some type of style about yourself.

Third reason you are failing as a artist is because you don’t know what perception is ! As a artist you have to learn perception! Don’t be that artist that says I want to get on “organically” this is 2020 people don’t get on organically anymore it’s not about skill anymore. Learn the industry please.

Another reason you are failing as a music artist is because you lack work ethic, you either want to be in the business side of it or the artist side. You can’t be scared to invest but make sure it’s a good investment artist.

Market the product before entry
And last reason artist are failing is because you guys are sitting around hoping an A&R, manager, or label is coming to support you dreams and fund them. Well sorry to tell you that dosent work. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Go find a hustle run it up a little then invest into marketing. I would invest into marketing before I invest into my music to be honest. There is no such thing as growing organically.

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