CareerTheBrain Turns on Auto Pilot with New EP, iVyBlueJets

Blue Dream Music Group artist, CareerTheBrain, has a lot to prove being an artist you want to be on the look out for during halftime of 2020. With the success of BDMG’s artist Smoak Dawgg, who was signed by CTB and new artist, Hidden Itachi, signed by the labels CEO Dr. Jason Lakatos –– they are bringing a fresh breath of air to the music industry.

CareerTheBrain releases his latest project iVyBlueJets, which serves as an ode to New Orleans rapper Curren$y. A clothing designer (Flava Kitchen Clothing), artist, producer, Grammy nominated song-writer and COO of Blue Dream Music Group, CareerTheBrain is only just getting started. iVyBlueJets feels much more like a short film than an EP, with the sound drawing much inspiration from Curren$y.

Stream CareerTheBrain’s ivyBlueJets below, and stay connected with the Detroit rapper here.

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