Music Development Agency To Offer 30 Days Of Free Online Courses For Musicians

So many universities and educational resources are offering both free and very affordable courses under quarantine. You can learn how to draw, engineer, manage finances…you name it. The options are limitless. But who is offering courses for musicians to enhance their ability to market their music to a wider audience?? There’s no doubt that creativity is at an all time high now that everyone is stuck indoors. Chicago-based Music Development agency Artist Collective has decided to offer musicians a 30 day free trial when signing up for their platform in order to help enhance musician’s marketing skills and to teach them how to live online with their fans during quarantine.

Co-Founded by Evan Price and Vinnie Hines, Artist Collective presents the industry with a resource for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to turn their part-time hobby into a full-time business.

Evan Price has had first hand experience in roles such as bouncer, touring drummer, promoter, digital marketer, manager and various types of artist development. Vinnie Hines is a full-time musician and booking agent with over a decade of experience in entertainment. From humble beginnings singing Midwestern bar gigs to now with more than 2,000 performances worldwide, and a ‘Golden Ticket’ on American Idol XV, he has solidified himself as an industry professional. Their background offers a sense of empathy to the artists using their platform, encouraging mindful approaches toward investment in personal branding, collaboration and creating long-lasting connections with fans.

As artists scramble to adapt, Artist Collective hopes to be a go-to resource for musicians during this turbulent time. Each month, they offer a new focus within the artist’s career. Whether it’s an overall monthly goal to increase streams on Spotify or a look at licensing opportunities, Artist Collective wants you to know that not only are they a part of your team but, they want nothing more than to see you succeed.

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