After Taking Over The South, DJ Flee Has His Sights on The West

By: Bryson Paul

28-year-old DJ Flee, also known as Bodega Flee, is one of the hottest new tastemakers in hip-hop. The Uptown New York Dominican is an illustrious member of the legendary hip-hop faction, The Heavy Hitters (DJ Enuff, Tony Tone). The former basketball player made a name for himself in the city, with his signature uptown sound and inimitable tricks on the turntables.

Discovered by the same legends responsible for introducing the world to today’s legends from across the US—such as DJ Felli Fel, Bootleg Kev, and Peter Parker—Flee has quickly become one of the most notable faces of the brand, with his fast-growing fanbase and undeniable ear for breaking the industry’s next superstars to the East Coast.

Through his journey in radio, Flee has had the opportunity to discover plenty of new hip-hop genres that would help transform his style; experimenting with such styles as ‘Dirty South’ and gangsta music, combining West Coast with his own blend of Dominican roots.

In Boston, Miami, Orlando, and New York, Flee is the most sought-after radio DJ in the ever-changing broadcast market. Keeling the prestigious name of the Heavy Hitters, brightly lit outside of the East Coast. Artists like Zoey Dollaz can credit a large amount of their popularity to DJ Flee’s exposure.

Hard work, dedication, and experience have earned DJ Flee the taste-making position he firmly holds within today’s hip-hop industry. Ready to transition into superstar-status, the promising DJ continues to develop a signature style that fuses the old-school traditions with the new-school evolution of the East Coast. DJ Flee is easily becoming one of the biggest DJs in the game today. Honestly, it’s only a matter of time before he holds the top spot, so stay tuned.

DJ Flee’s journey continues; follow the Heavy Hitter sound today, via Instagram and Twitter.

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