6x Entertainment Releases “Come Together” by Rising Music Star Tia P. featuring B. Slade

New single and official music video for “Come Together”

Hailing from Inglewood, CA, Singer|Songwriter|Rapper|Producer Tia P. is a natural talent whose lyrical prowess is unmatched. Embodied by the essence of Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu, the songwriter shares a unique flair influenced by the likes of Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams and Lauryn Hill. Having opened for industry icons KRS-One, Bootsy Collins, DJ Quik, Kelly Roland’s female group June’s Diary and a host of other well-known acts, the storyteller-artist gladly takes on the extraordinary challenge of being the voice for the new generation.

6x Entertainment has released the new single and official music video for “Come Together” by the multi-talented entertainer, Tia P., which features the dynamic recording artist B. Slade.  “Come Together” is now available to download on all streaming platforms and the official music video can be seen on YouTube. With so much violence, racism, and corruption going on in our communities and the political climate state of the world around us in constant archaic disaccord, Tia P. and B. Slade are ready to take the world by storm with a positive message and soulful rendition of The Beatles’ classic hit, “Come Together”, but with a banging and interesting new twist. In addition to dropping the new single, “Come Together”, Tia P. will be featured in this season’s upcoming episodes of, “Next Big Thing”, which airs on the BET Network.

One cannot categorize Tia P. as just a singer or rapper, she’s an overall entertainer and quadruple threat adding acting, dancing, and percussionist skills to her talent repertoire. “Tia P. is a visionary.  She embodies greatness and musical excellence. She is gifted in her DNA with an authenticity, artistry and creativity that only musical legends are made of”, says C. Von Parchman, President & Founder of 6x Entertainment.  Marty Arnold, COO and Managing Partner of 6x Entertainment adds, “Tia P. is an electrifying performer, a remarkable songwriter, and eclectic rapper. We feel extremely confident that Tia P. will captivate audiences and leave music fans wanting more.”

The Inglewood, California native has been getting rave reviews around the industry:

“First of all, I love when an artist sends real music. Tia P. and this song, “Come Together”, is FIRE.” -Tammi Mac, KJLH

“DOPE…Tia P. is an amazingly gifted and refreshing entertainer. She and this single, “Come Together”, is exactly what the industry needs right now.” -Troy Marshall, Marketing & Promotions Executive

“Tia P is one of the most influential lyricists of the new centennial movement of Hip Hop.” -Core DJ Hershey, Kiss Radio Show Live/FubuRadio.com

Amazing new music and brand partnerships spanning national television commercials with Sprite, Verizon, Pepsi, Amazon Echo-Alexa and Macy’s “Time to Shine”, the talent has no plans of stopping any time soon. We recently caught up with the trailblazer on “Come Together”, see what she had to say:

Reaching as far back as the iconic Beatles but artists since then having similar messages, what was so unique about the group that inspired the remake and visual?

The whole remake concept came about from a radio challenge. Tammie Mac and Don Amiche -(former radio personalities of “Mac & Amiche”, now “The Tammie Mac Show”) – began playing the remixes I was reproducing and performing on YouTube from my “Minute Music Monday” series.  They threw out a Beatles iconic song “Come Together” as a challenge to see if I could pull it as well as I’d done the others in my series. As soon as I heard what they proposed, I was excited and eager to take on the challenge for several reasons: A) I’m all about love, peace, and unity and this song is the embodiment of embracing differences but all being able to come together as one. I believe that message, decades later, in this day and time needs to be echoed to the younger generations and serve as a reminder to the older ones. B) It’s something I don’t think I would have ever suggested myself, nor is it a song people would expect from a young Black female “rapper” from Inglewood. I didn’t want to listen to any other remakes of “Come Together” because I didn’t want my version to sound like anything else that had been done. I needed to keep the integrity of the song. After listening to and researching the absurdity of the lyrics, I was sold on recreating this necessary audio masterpiece, but giving it my own taste with an added rap towards the end. Once I brought B. Slade into the mix, it went to a whole mother level! Much like the groove of my version of “Come Together”, my team and I wanted a visual that was equally unexpected, but provocative in a positive way. As crazy as the world is, the 2 people making sense in this video are locked in an insane asylum. How about that?

Not only do you entertain audiences but also deliver powerful messages in ‘Come Together’. For other artists wanting to use their platform in similar ways, what advice would you give to maintain a safe balance? 

Do it!!! Entertainment and giving a powerful message don’t have to be mutually exclusive. I think it’s a misconception that because it’s sometimes more difficult to find a realistic balance as opposed to picking one aspect over the other, that it’s impossible. I say the safe balance comes from being honest and speaking the truth in love; making sure that my combination of truth and entertainment which inspires many, doesn’t come at the cost of degrading, disrespecting, or hating others. Ya gotta have a heart for people.

Your character style, identity and visual imagery are interesting and quite unique. Is this something you’ve had to work at over time or does it come natural as a creative?

 Yes, it does come naturally as a creative, but like anything, style evolves over time. I’ve never quite dressed like a girly girl, nor always a Tom boy. Different is all I know, and I’ve always had a greater appreciation for “cool” more than “cute”. Cool is about an internal attitude, a confidence that speaks before your clothes, hair, car, or words even get a chance to tell on you. My style, identity, and visually imagery aren’t just conjured up characteristics of some fictional ideal, it’s just me being me.

The visual gives audiences clear and consistent messages. From this, what is the one thing you hope audiences walk away with most?

 An open mind. Hopefully it serves as an escape from a very self-serving, self-absorbed political climate and culture where the everyday focus is about “l” and “me” instead a collective “us” and “we”. Even if audiences walk away with an open mind for a different style of music they’ve never taken a chance on, it’s a gateway to permeate into other aspects of their lives to make one aware of the human condition outside their own.

Such chemistry between you and artist B Slade, both bringing an exciting flair to the visual. What part was the most fun for you?

Awwww man. That’s fam right there. His whole career he’s been such an out the box artist, and his confidence, creativity, and commitment to his artistry still inspires me tremendously. The whole shoot was fun, if I’m being honest. Finding someone who’s just as crazy and excited to put on a straight jacket is pretty rare, haha! We’re just silly. If I had to pick thee pinnacle fun part with B, it’s where we’re in the crazy room, singing our 3rd verse together. By that scene, we were all into character, sweating, feeding of the other’s energy in an un-choreographed dance of movement. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else.

“Come Together” is available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and all major online retailers.

Confident advocate, the goal for Tia P. is to defy the odds of expectation and not be limited to the boundaries of a particular genre. Performing since adolescence, this multidimensional trailblazer is making history lending her voice to entertain with a purpose. Unafraid to ask questions while pursuing real answers Tia P is changing the game of modern day generations and the next.

Also performing with a live band Tia P. will be at The Viper Room in Hollywood on Thursday, 5/9/19 and at the 2019 Women in Entertainment Luncheon, which will be held at AEG’s Dignity Health Sports Park.

To keep up with Tia P follow her on social media platforms:

Twitter: @iamtiap

Instagram: @iamtiap

Music link page: https://myurls.co/iamtiap

Official Website: www.iamtiap.com

Management Contact: C Von & Marty Arnold mgmt@6xentertainment.com


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