Lady Kokane Presents Kokane R&G Album Vol. 2 (Album Snippet)

Not too many artists in the music industry can switch up from hardcore Gangsta Rap, to G-funk, to Neo Soul, as well as other genre’s of music, and still be well received by their fans. Usually if a comedian builds his or her career off telling jokes in the movies, it would be hard to accept someone like Eddie Murphy in a dramatic role. But Kokane breaks all the traditional rules of entertainment, and on how an artist is defined. Kokane is back with a dope new Rhythm-&-Gangsta album titled “Lady-Kokane Presents Kokane Love Songs Vol. 2”, presented by his wife, Lady Kokane. The album reintroduces 70’s, 80’s, 90’s R&B, with a 2017′ twist. Stay tuned for additional info regarding the project; R&B for Gangsta’s, Low Ridaz & Ladies! Follow Kokane on Twitter. Only on One West Magazine.

R&G Album Preview

Kokane’s leading single video “Out Of My Mind” produced by Paul Silva

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