Introducing: Mac9 Mo$t

Coming from the land of no easy decisions, Timothy “Mac9 Mo$t” Watson is raging with the ambition to become the first successful hip-hop artist out of Ontario, California. “Came from the bottom to top”…completely dedicated, and fully invested in making the life that he wants happen, he has cultivated and sustained a consistent rise of acknowledgement in the rap world, with features of, or on other well known artists from his home city, such as Johnny Cash; as well as neighbors Gwap Don Dolla Sign, Green Eyes, Pomona Drey, West Coast Sizzle, Chilli Chill, Trapaholic Third, and Phat Beats. Now with his newly released singles “All Gwaup”,and “Gang Sshit”, he will be supplying the demand of gangstas, trappers, and hustlers around the globe. Mac9 Mo$t, a.k.a. “Nine ots” can be found on Sound Cloud, along with a peek into his life in “I’m 4rm da O”. Check new audio and a new visual from Mac9 Mo$t below, and stay tuned for updates. Only on One West Magazine.

“Mac9 Mo$t, Scream and Holler, Blu Light District; Hello!”

Listen to Gang SShit by MAC9 MO$T #np on #SoundCloud

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