OG Cuicide ft. Akamie – “Make It Home Tonight”

Recognized for his undeniable presence, his message, and incredible life story of overcoming adversity. Compton’s own OG Cuicide continues to deliver in streets and in the studio with the release of his new single, “Make It Home Tonight”.

Produced by talented Prolyfic, “Make It Home Tonight” is another powerful message from the West Coast legend as he addresses the importance of knowing what to do in today’s social injustice while educating on the many tragedies our culture endures on the daily. Featuring established recording artist Akamie.

Police injustice continues to rage on in the inner-cities with many of the cases failing to go to trial. While the culture protests, pursue legal action, and more, the result is often familiar across the U.S. However, people like OG Cuicide continue to give the communities faith and belief that as a whole we can still make a change one day.

OG Cuicide is expected to have an impactful 2019. Includes releasing more new music, along with a forthcoming new album, biopic, and more. OG continues to be a support system for suicide prevention across the world. Providing counseling and more for anyone who needs it while spreading awareness of the issue among the inner-cities. “Make It Home Tonight” is available now via One West/EMPIRE.

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