ThaLoveBirds A Musical Journey from Felony Flats to Reunited Harmony

In the vast realm of music, some artists’ stories stand out, reflecting the trials, triumphs, and unwavering passion that drive their creative journey. ThaLoveBirds, a remarkable musical duo, exemplify such a narrative. Hailing from the humble beginnings of Apple Valley, California, their path to success has been defined by determination, separation, and a profound love for music. This article delves into the background of ThaLoveBirds, tracing their footsteps from their initial encounter to their eventual reunion, showcasing their unwavering dedication to their craft.

ThaLoveBirds’ story began in Apple Valley, California, specifically in an area known as “Felony Flats.” It was there that Nesh and Ether crossed paths in 2005. Initially, they were secular artists pursuing their individual musical passions. It wasn’t until 2010 that they collaborated on their first song together, titled “Dazed.” This collaboration marked the beginning of a profound musical connection that would shape their future endeavors.

While both Nesh and Ether were involved in music, their paths and callings unfolded in distinct ways. Nesh, born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, Los Angeles, and Victorville, had a natural inclination towards music. Ether, on the other hand, was born and raised in Los Angeles and Victorville, and while he dabbled in music, he discovered his true calling within the art form. Known for his exceptional writing skills, raspy voice, and captivating verses, Ether’s talent soon became evident.

In a whirlwind turn of events, Nesh and Ether decided to tie the knot at a tender age of 19, lacking the guidance typically required for such a significant commitment. However, after seven years, they found themselves facing a divorce in 2017. Despite the separation, their shared love for music acted as an unbreakable bond between them. During the divorce proceedings, they continued to collaborate musically, which eventually led to the formation of their moniker, ThaLoveBirds. Their unwavering dedication to music kept them united, as they firmly believed in the adage that “no man can separate what God has joined together.”

In 2019, Nesh and Ether’s love story took an unexpected turn as they found themselves reunited both romantically and musically. Strengthened by their shared experiences, their music began to resonate with a deeper sense of authenticity and passion. With Victorville as their current base, ThaLoveBirds have become synonymous with the High Desert music scene, actively participating in various events and leaving a lasting impact on their listeners.

ThaLoveBirds’ music holds a powerful message. They aim to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding Christianity and Christian music. Their mission is to prove that being a Christian is not “corny” and that all Christian music is not devoid of substance. They emphasize that salvation does not equate to perfection and that individuals can make positive choices while still enjoying life to the fullest. ThaLoveBirds want their listeners to recognize that great music does not require violence, infidelity, or negativity.


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