Tip “T.I.” Harris & Investment Syndicate Tech Cypha.

Growth of a New Digital Revolution.

American rapper and actor Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. better known by T.I., or Tip, has launched a new Investment Syndicate, Tech Cypha via Los Angeles start up Culture Genesis. The vehicle was developed with a focus for investing in a combination of early growth and late stage start ups. The syndicate also acts to provide a variety of resources including capital, marketing expertise and brand amplification by way of some of the largest domestic and international influencers.

Co-founder of Georgia based record label Grand Hustle Records, business partner Jason Geter and Harris continue building brands in the interest of bridging gaps not only in entertainment but also the tech space. The cypha is comprised of elements sure to change the professional minds of those with the mission to contribute to the culture, immediate and external business communities. Introducing new technology and the power of partnerships, the new syndicate automatically demands and creates new communities for business, media, entrepreneurship, finance…more amazingly, it has morphed from the minds of two men coming from a frowned upon yet well-respected status, hip hop. Tech Cypha adds to the growth and major impacts of African Americans creating stakes in a space blocked to many not that long ago.

Realizing the lack of diversity in technology and the need for more impactful strategies, these moguls have identified yet another opportunity leveraging profile industry networks. Critical to the growth of any business venture, Geter and Harris know their demographic not only in Atlanta and the remaining nation, but also on a global scale. Moreover, both are the center of the hip hop culture which has undoubtedly influenced and surpassed other markets. Understanding the importance and factors of obtaining more together than apart, this has been at the core of their success and prior successors. As others, Tech Cypha is mapped to further encourage entrepreneurs and other like-minded individuals to invest in changing communities and spaces by producing their best efforts.

Highly active in the use of technology, African Americans continue to push the digital revolution, however, some note that the community falls short on real engagement and don’t reap balanced economic benefits from the very root. Widening the door, Tech Cypha can help change that. Whether with a mission to transform careers or inspiring others to start their own ventures, a myriad of resources are in development making themselves available to those who desire more. Such opportunities and others in current development not only encourage but challenge us to be actively involved in our personal lives, professional endeavors, to become stakeholders with interest, and to be the change we want to be and see.

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