Creeze Drops “How It Go” Video

Currently campaigning his nominations at this year’s Kentucky Urban Entertainment Awards. Louisville-own Creeze unveils the official music video for his award-nominated single, “How It Go”.

Produced by LA Griff and Grammy Award-winning producer Luney Tunez. “How It Go” takes Creeze out to the West Coast for a beneficial business trip. Shopping sprees, lavish parties, and logging in hours of studio time. “How It Go” is a must-see by the fast-rising newcomer.

Breif backstory on Creeze. The West End of Louisville, KY is a place where there’s not many opportunities and crime is high and the crime rate has steadily increased, year over year. Creeze grew up in this part of the city developing a love for performing, the art of songwriting and producing and the music business.

Following the breakup of his former group Merc Squad, Creeze breaks out on his own. “How It Go” is Creeze breakout release a new solo artist. Follow Creeze for daily updates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Watch “How It Go” by Creeze below.

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