Pac Div Drops “Gorgeous” Video for the Ladies

Specializing in eccentric lyricism and weaving flows, Cali trio Pac Div commands a sizable cult following. Vibing in a warehouse with three lovely ladies, LIKE, Mibbs, and BeYoung turn on the charm in “Gorgeous,” their new video.

Serenading their respective honeys one-by-one, the Los Angeles crew demonstrates their chemistry over a cerebral, Dilla-esque beat courtesy of Esta (of SOULECTION). “Gorgeous” is a highlight from 1st Baptist, the group’s first new album since 2012’s GMB, and the second video from the album follow “Stoked,” a psychedelic and energetic.

“We worked with a good friend, Danny from Topshelf, who directed our ‘Top Down’ and ‘Posted’ videos so it was good to get back with our boy,” explains BeYoung. “He knows us personally. Those older videos were full of a lot of chopping and cutting so with ‘Gorgeous,’ we wanted to do something different, we wanted to focus on beautiful woman as the canvas. We wanted to settle down and let the viewer soak in the beauty of the girls and their natural essence and their complex simplicity. Essentially this speaks to when you see a woman so gorgeous it makes you wanna cuss and make you want to be a part of their frequency.”

Says Mibbs, ““Ladies here’s one for you. Love, Pac Div.”

Watch “Gorgeous” below.

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