L.A Buck @CalisBestRadio 1/3/2018 with “BUCKTALES”

Hiphop Mogul and Artist LA Buck, known as George Lemore in TV and Movies, is expanding his business and media empire now coming front and center with his own album BuckTales.

After 30 years in this business, starting as a kid, he has been in front of the camera on major reality shows with stars such as Brandy and movies with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal. A true connector, he has been behind the scenes helping artists such as Snoop Dogg, Akon, and Ray J for nearly two decades along with managing music producers that made household hits for artists such as Beyonce, Drake, T-Pain, 50 Cent and more. Now he is updating his official industry name from Original Young Buck to now LA Buck showcasing his loyalty to west coast sound, his home. This rapper, actor and music mogul is now focusing his energy on his own creation, while still continuing to support his network and make connections as he has for decades netting many of his peers millions in the process.

In addition to being an A&R and musician, he also manages other artists including Ray J and Teeflii who made hit “24 hours” with 2 Chainz. He discovered Detail as well who has since created “Drunk in Love” for Beyonce, “How To Love” for Lil Wayne along with songs for Drake, Nicki Minaj, Akon and more.

Background with Snoop Dogg Buck was signed to Snoop’s Dogg Pound label and Death Row in 1993 and saw everything that happened over there from when the label started to when it ended. He remembers experiences with legends like Tupac and artists such as Kurupt. Further he was DPG, a part of the dog pound and was given his jacket and official roster stamp. He still loves producing on an MPC which he learned during his days with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg although utilizes Pro Tools.

Background with Ray J Created knockout entertainment with Ray J, where Buck is the current president and a partner, who has helped bring Ray J some of his biggest songs. Ray J, who started working with Buck at 15 years old has appeared with Buck in many mainstream reality TV shows alongside other Hollywood music and TV stars such as Brandy.

Other Current Business Endeavors Plans have begun as well to potentially build and operate a Hooters restaurant as well to cater to more upscale areas of LA close to where Buck resides. Buck’s social circle includes growing up with the Kardashians long before the fame came and being best friends with hip-hop household names like Ray J whom he introduced to Kim Kardashian.

L.A. Based, you can find Buck in the center of the action and in music videos filming with the likes of the media tycoon P. Diddy.

A Few High Profile Introductions LA Buck has made:Snoop Dogg to Akon > Ray J to Kim Kardashian


FACEBOOK: LABuck George Lemore

INSTAGRAM: Itslabuck

FILMOGRAPHY: Movies: > Steel with Shaquille O’Neal Candyman

TV SERIES: > For The Love of Ray J > Moesha > Smart Guy > Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper > Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone > Sister, Sister > Family Business IMDB PAGE: George Lemore

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