Check Out The Visual For Droop-E’s “I Do What I Want” Out NOW!


An Artist & A Boss

Droop-E is back with another hit titled, “I Do What I Want”. The song/video is about staying true to yourself and embodying positivity; which falls right into place with the up and coming album, Trillionaire Thoughts.

“It’s an album based upon a philosophy and a mentality and a way of life so I knew what I wanted and the way I wanted to go but it took a minute to actually embody that and actually become what I wanted to come through the speakers. When I started I recording this album, my mentality was that pretty much every time I speak on the mic, it was the mentality that I’m a trillionaire.”

Besides finishing up his own album, he is also the president of E-40’s Sick Wid It Records. running the record label and producing music for it’s talented roster.

Watch the visuals for Droop-E’s “I Do What I Want” below.

Download Droop-E’s track “Give Me a Light” on iTunes.

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