Yultron – “Ride With You” Ft. Leah Culver

Insomniac Records and Trap Nation are thrilled to kick off their new music partnership with a dreamy, hypnotic excursion entitled “Ride With You” by electro hip-hop producer Yultron featuring powerhouse enchantress Leah Culver.

On the captivating and pulsating production, Leah mesmerizes her lover with pledges of loyalty and devotion urging him to stay faithful to her. The new song, marks the Yulton’s debut release as the flagship act for the new merger between Insomniac and Trap Nation.

Yulton on the making of “Ride With You”:

“I wrote “Ride With You” while I was going through a bad break up of 3 years, where my ex-girlfriend cheated and broke up with me. I don’t think it was the direct inspiration for the song, but it was definitely a factor in making it. Sonically, I was inspired by a Major Lazer song I heard on the radio. I immediately went to Spotify and saved it to my playlist, and listening to it repeatedly for a few weeks. I really wanted to create something with similar vibes because I know how it made me feel. It made me feel awesome when I heard that song and I wanted to create something that made other people feel the same way.”

Yulton will be on tour for the rest of 2017. Starting this week (Oct 28) in Reno with Party Thieves, followed by spot dates in Brooklyn, Chicago, Denver, and many mores with Crizzly, Herobusy, Snails, and Flux Pavillion.


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