50 Cent Prepares His BET Takeover

Over the course of his career, 50 Cent has gone from one of the hardest-sounding rappers of the early-to-mid-2000’s to an entertainment mogul who has his hand in several ongoing film and television projects. He helped bring Power to the small screen and make it premium cable’s second-most successful franchise, trailing only HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, it doesn’t seem like Fif is getting the respect that he deserves in some circles. With the rumor that STARZ has been trying to sabotage Power, 50 Cent sounded like he was ready to move on and sink his teeth into a new challenge.

Enter 50 Central. Announced last April, it’s a late night TV project he’s embarking on with BET as the network, which will reportedly boast an edgier, different brand of comedy, along with the requisite guest interviews, performances and celebrity-fueled bits that the format is known for. The series will be debuting on September 28th, but in the meantime, Fif is doing his own-little one-man takeover of BET’s facilities, or at least that’s what his Instagram photos would lead you to believe.



50 supposedly has some really big ideas to bring to BET, as per the caption that graced one of the photos he shared from the recent trip to the network’s offices. “I’m getting rid of a few shows because I have some good ideas,” he stated. “Watch how this plays out.” Whether or not the rapper will actually be following through on this axing of programming – we’re not even sure if his deal with BET allows him to remove any shows from their time slots – it’s worth noting that the rapper would appear to have most of the leverage in whatever deal he’s inked with his 50 Central partners. Fresh off the improbable success of Power, who wouldn’t let Fif call his own shots when it comes to producing quality television? According to the rapper, problems with the STARZ series were not his fault, so a more hands-off approach could be a more productive relationship to have with the producer.

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