Manchester Bombing Victim’s Families To Receive $321K From Fundraiser

Money can’t buy happiness – it’s a refrain that we hear often in our day-to-day lives and, in the current landscape of hip-hop music, that kind of materialistic attitude is on the rise. However, nothing that money can buy could replace the void left by the devastating loss left by extremist attackers after several explosives were detonated in the immediate area when an Ariana Grande concert was being held. A public outpouring of support, both for the families of those who lost their lives in the attack and Grande herself, led to the massive benefit concert that took place at the Old Trafford Cricket Grounds. In the end, the star-studded spectacular raised more than $12 million after initial counts were done, and now we’re finding out that the families of each of the victims will be getting a sizable monetary boost.

The loved ones of the 22 fallen victims of the Manchester bombing will be getting £250,000, or about $321,000, as per a report from The Guardian. Those monetary sums will be given to the next of kin of the individuals who perished. Each of the victims’ families have already received £70,000 of the overall benefit, with the remainder set to be delivered to them in the coming weeks. The We Love Manchester Emergency Fund will also be setting aside some money to help those who were injured in the blast. Those who were hurt and who spent seven or more nights hospitalized, which would mean 57 people in total, have received £60,000 each from the fund. Additionally, the 96 people who spent between one night to seven days in the hospital have been given £3,500 each. According to Sue Murphy, who is the chair of the fund, has said that there are still 9 people in the hospital who are recovering from the injuries they sustained during the horrific bombing.

With another, separate U.K. terror attack potentially putting a damper on the benefit’s hopes of going ahead with their show, Grande and her staff pushed through and helped raise a lot of money for those in need in the process. Hats off to her and all who continue to be involved in the recovery efforts from the Manchester attack.


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