YG x Montreality (Interview 2017)

YG x Montreality (Interview 2017)

YG speaks about : – what he would do as President of the USA (0:00) – if 2Pac was still alive (2:10) – the Toys he used to play with (2:45) – how he’s gonna live his life at 86-years-old (3:04) – YG’s BBQ essentials (3:30) – Fatherhood / his baby girl (4:16) – the Biggest Lie in the world (5:20) – why we are here, on Earth (6:00) Click that Subscribe button for more goodies. Follow MONTREALITY https://Facebook.com/MONTREALITY https://Instagram.com/MONTREALITY https://Twitter.com/MONTREALITY “If I was President, I’d give all the families across the United States $100,000 to see what they would do with it. If I was President, everybody would go to college for free. If I was President all the food in the grocery stores would be organic. All these police that’s killing innocent black people, they’d be doing life in prison .. f** that, slaughter they ass, chop they neck off!” (0:00) “If Pac was around he’d be pressing the line about all this bullsh*t that’s going on. Some of this rap sh*t that’s going on, prolly wouldn’t be going on. He’d be vocal about it.” (2:10) “Right now the biggest lie is Trump ‘tryna make America great again. The whole system is corrupted. They playing ball how they playing ball.” (5:20) Directed, Produced by : MONTREALITY Editor : Guillaume Landry Sound : James Benjamin Animation : Rhymezlikedimez Music : Meltycanon Closed captions : Joseph Dexter https://4hunnid.com https://twitter.com/yg https://instagram.com/yg https://facebook.com/YG400 https://youtube.com/YGVEVO https://soundcloud.com/yg400

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