The Brows on Fleek Movement (Microblading)

From the Ombre to Lip Plumping and Contouring, beauty trends come and go and sometimes come back again. Every year there’s a list of new trends to choose from and this year isn’t any different.
One trend that not only hit hard in 2016, is still going strong as we near mid 2017. That trend is Microblading. The Microblading technique uses a small hand tool with micro-needles to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of skin so your brows are filled in 24/7. Similar to a tattoo just not as permanent (semi-permanent tattoo). Cost can start from $300 and go on up per treatment required or desired. It’s not cheap to wake up flawless, but lasts up to two years and you will save money and most importantly time when making your eyebrows semi-permanently on fleek.
Clients range from professionals in the beauty industry, women who are minimalist and don’t want to daily maintain “on fleek” eyebrows, domestic goddesses, as well as those who suffer or have suffered from serious illnesses such as cancer and alopecia.

I had the pleasure of sitting in on a Microblading session with talented Microblading Artist and Everlasting Brows Certified Specialist, JoAnn Scarleth Wren of 3D Browlure. The environment was clean as she followed proper disinfecting protocol. She was very hospitable and attentive to making her client feel comfortable from beginning to end. The client did not complain of pain and was also able to take video and pictures during the procedure with her mobile phone. Which was a sign to her comfortableness. Nor did it look painful. The client described it as it being a similar feeling to plucking. Pictures and slide show have been provided for your visual reference.
I would recommend in obtaining JoAnn as your microblading professional. As to the beauty trend itself it is to each his or her own and buyer beware. There are several aspects to consider as in skin sensitivity, allergies, pain tolerance etc. Example, due to my high skin sensitivity I would not be able to get a procedure such as this without an extreme reaction and or longer healing period.
Considering this procedure isn’t highly regulated and your are dealing with needles and semi-permanent tattooing doing your research is key. There is always a risk to any procedure such as this, but when done not done by an experienced professional such as JoAnn, damage to your face is of a higher risk. Consulting with a physician prior to making the decision to have Microblading done is also highly recommended.
If you are located in or around the Los Angeles area and would like to procure JoAnn for Microblading services feel free to contact her on her Instagram @3DBrowlure. Only on One West Magazine.

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