Style One the rising face of Atlantic City’s Hip Hop Scene


Style1 is a serious artist on the rise from Atlantic City, NJ. He has made a name on the east coast as a lyricist and is continuing to make his presence known on airwaves. For years, Style1 has been consistent in making sure he made a statement with his music and he is ready to take it to another level. I have personally been a fan of his artistry for a long time and I have been surprised at how much he has grown over the years. He is currently been courted by various music promoters, labels, and industry tastemakers. You definitely want to check out his music and find out more about his story in the interview below.


King Armah- What is the main motivating force driving you to push your music?

Style1 – My main motivation is my kids man. I have 4 beautiful, growing kids and they are my reason. Straight like that. I want them to live life to the fullest

King Armah- Why is music important in the world we live in?

Style1 – Music takes the listeners to a place that they are either unfamiliar with or can identify with completely. That makes music very important. To be able to bring the viewers into your world is powerful. The ones who are unfamiliar with your experiences, get a chance to live vicariously through you and the ones who identify with what you’re saying get a chance to reminisce.

King Armah- What does the Jersey Shore Hip Hop scene look like and who are the top people to look out for?

Style1 – The hip hop culture here is Incredible. I feel like we’re overlooked and overshadowed by NYC being as though we’re so close and their rap scene is massive compared to ours. A few people to keep an eye on from South Jersey: Young Dolla, BizzyBugatti, Rico, J Charmz and Shad GMD when they let him on the other side of them gates.

King Armah- What can you tell the readers about Atlantic City that regular tourists may not know about your hometown?

Style1 – & they think my city’s full of casinos but, in the hood you can get shot playing c lo” – Style 1 Tourists seem to think Atlantic City is solely a resort, which is a result of ignorance. There are hoods here as well as anywhere else. The media sweeps a lot under the rug for the sake of “Reputation”

King Armah- What are you doing to make an impact in your community?

Style1 – I make sure not to glorify the negativity when I do acknowledge it in my raps. I want the youth to do better than I did when I was younger. We, as entertainers, play a huge role in these kids lives. They look up to us. In a sense, we’re their voice so, we have to make our words/message count.

King Armah- Who are your top influences as Artist?

Style1 – Jay-Z and Fabolous have always been my favorite artists. I’m very motivated by Fetty Wap seeing him come from Jersey and make such an impact on the industry.

King Armah- Are you preparing for a record deal or do you see yourself staying indie?

Style1 – I’m pushing for an indie deal. I want space to create freely. Again, I’ve always been an innovator and I don’t want to change that for anything or no one.

King Armah- What advice can you share with any up and coming entrepreneurs who want to turn their passion into a profit?

Style1 – BRAND YOURSELF, turn yourself into a “Business” and NEVER sell yourself short.

King Armah- How can the readers find your music and get in touch with you?

 Style1 – You can find me on Facebook @ Sean Temple Instagram @ Style1_Uno and Twitter @Style1Ac my music can be found on YouTube by typing in Style 1 Maxouttv and on SoundCloud type in Style 1 Atlantic City.

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