The Man Behind Seeds In The Concrete L. Joevon

L Joevon
Author, Coder, Artist, Visionary

There is a movement growing in the concrete jungle of New York City. A bright star is rising and making an impact in the culture of Hip-Hop. The man who is to be heard but not seen. The creative genius who is building a legacy of creative assets through his own platform. He is none other than L. Joevon. The big apple has birthed many legends and the next one to be on the lookout for is this man.

I first encountered this man through a colleague who share the Seeds In The Concrete project with me. I was immediately blown away by what I saw. A true visionary, L. Joevon is a big deal in the streets of New York City. I traveled to the city that never sleeps to seek out L. Joevon and find out more about his story. I have come across many people who have stories to share, yet L.Joevon is a truly one of a kind thought leader. He is captivating and displays ingenuity. It is very hard to stand out from the crowd in New York City with all of the talented people that are contributing to the Hip Hop culture. He has definitely caught my attention. Pay attention as I share with you the genius behind Seeds In The Concrete.

Seeds In The Concrete is a thought provoking experience that will change your perception life as you know it. L. Joevon delievers a ground breaking message that anyone can relate to. His energy and efforts are being recognized nationwide by the elite. He has gained respected through building the momentum neccesary to be successful. Ignite inspiration into your life as we invite you on this once in a lifetime experience that is known by many as “Seeds In The Concrete.”

King Armah – What is your inspiration for your movement ?

L. Joevon – To motivate through entertainment for my culture and people with humble beginnings like me, knows what it takes to grow and live outside of poor circumstances.

King Armah – How did you come up with the title “Seeds In The Concrete”?

L. Joevon – There is a book that’s legendary in Brooklyn called A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I’m from Brooklyn so your should know how I feel about that! Then you have Tupac’s A Rose Grew from Concrete. So I ask a general question: How can you grow from concrete? When there is no fertilizer or nutrition to grow from? The answer is faith: the ability to see the unseen. The vision we create for ourselves. And we are what we think. So I called the book Seeds in the Concrete to teach the readers how to have faith of a mustard seed, by allowing them to live through the characters of the story.

King Armah – When did you decide to pursue your dreams?

L. Joevon – I decide when I was locked in solitary confinement for assaulting a member of my own gang of the time, And I saw that I was going the extra mile for a destructive purpose. When you in the Box all you got is your mind and I always dreamed. I just Dreamed big! I entertained myself with imagination and visuals and sounds in my head. And my art for writing saved me from going insane, causing me to be my own best friend. I learned from so many books. I read things outside of my normal life as a drug dealer and gang member. I read stories of entrepreneurs who are shaping the World with technology. I began to dream of myself the same way until a question came to mind: Can I do the same too? Can I change the World as they are? As Steve Jobs? As Elon Musk? Is it too late for me because of my horrible background? Then I read As a Man Thinketh and Think and Grow Rich. And saw that I AM powerful. I spent the next Three years developing a strategy. To Transition the mind. And If I can do this to myself and go out a accomplish great things… then I can share this to the rest of the World who have similar experiences like I AM, creating the ultimate goal of a heightened consciousness of the masses.

King Armah – Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

L. Joevon – Bringing talented and creative people together to make the best artistry in the world, while providing them the opportunity to make a comfortable living doing what they love. Seeds in the Concrete is the first piece of artistry under my platform. Which will be distributed throughout own content distribution platform created with Dean Harris and Lionel Manigault called IMURJE.

King Armah – Can you describe the tech & hip hop scene in NYC currently?

L. Joevon – It’s one in the same. It can’t live without each other. But Hip hop is always last in line all over the World. I aim to end that.

King Armah – What drives your passion to create art?

L. Joevon – By knowing that I’m created in God’s image and his likeness and that we are all here to produce and create “something” because it’s in our nature. If we don’t create then what the fuck are we here for? Just a piece of wasted life.

King Armah – What other ventures do you have?

L. Joevon – Currently I’m working on all aspects of Seeds in the Concrete: Book, Album, TV series VR(Virtual Reality experience of it. And Working with Dean Harris and Lionel Manigault on the IMURJE Platform that give 95% of the rights to talent and creators who distribute on our platform.

King Armah – How can people support the “Seeds In The Concrete “?

L. Joevon – Visit and subscribe to our newsletter and comment and post on our topic. follow me @ljoevon on IG and Twitter and like FB page Seeds in the Concrete


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