Isaiah Acosta ft Trap House – Oxygen to Fly (Official Video)

Born without a jaw, 17-year-old Isaiah Acosta has never spoken a word. Yet, he just released his first rap song, “Oxygen to Fly.” The song speaks to his struggles of living with a condition called situs inversus and his survival, despite huge doubts. Recognizing Isaiah has a lot to say, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals introduced him to Phoenix-based rapper Trap House, who gave a voice to Isaiah’s lyrics and his first track, for which sales will benefit children’s hospitals.

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  1. A great inspiration to all. It’s sad to see the young man with such a birth deformity. But that, obviously, hasn’t stopped him from getting his lyrics out to the masses. The courage of Isaiah goes to show everyone that you can accomplish anything, no matter the obstacles that may get in your way. Through the help of Trap House his lyrics will be silent no more. Big ups to Isaiah and Trap House for putting this together.

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