Wray Makes a Bold Statement with High-Energy Single “This Ya Song”

In a music scene often dominated by male voices, Wray stands out as a beacon of female empowerment with her latest single, “This Ya Song.” Hailing from Los Angeles, Wray’s musical prowess is on full display as she infuses the track with infectious energy and empowering lyrics that resonate with listeners on a deeper level.

With influences ranging from Busta Rhymes to Nipsey Hussle, Wray’s unique blend of lyrical mastery and dynamic choreography sets her apart as a versatile artist with a vision. “This Ya Song,” produced by JBM.E, has already generated significant buzz pre-release, signaling Wray’s growing influence in the industry.

Wray’s unapologetic approach to her music and her unwavering confidence in her abilities shine through her music, making her a force to be reckoned with. As she navigates the challenges of the music industry, Wray’s determination to carve her own path is both inspiring and empowering to aspiring artists.

For a dose of infectious beats and empowering lyrics, look no further than “This Ya Song” by Wray. Follow her on social media for updates on her musical journey and experience the magic of her music on all major streaming platforms {@la.wray}.

Listen to the track below.

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