Don Theking is Revolutionizing Montreal’s Music Scene with Spaceville Hi-Fi

Emerging artist and producer Don Theking is making significant strides in the Montreal music scene through his innovative platform, Spaceville Hi-Fi. With a unique approach to music production and promotion, Don Theking is quickly becoming a sought-after name among local artists.

Spaceville Hi-Fi has garnered attention for providing a rare and invaluable opportunity for Montreal’s English and French-speaking artists to record exclusive songs and create mashups. Don Theking, who produces music, remixes, and instrumentals from his bedroom studio, is dedicated to fostering local talent and offering a platform that was previously missing in the city.

The platform’s rising popularity is evidenced by the daily influx of artists seeking to collaborate with Don Theking. His work has received endorsements and shoutouts from respected Montreal artists such as Mike Shabb, Chung, DeusGod, ManikinHotel, Akshun Man, and legendary Toronto artist Michie Mee. Additionally, his efforts have been highlighted by prominent figures like Holden Stephan Roy from the podcast Behind That Suit, as well as local blogs including CanadaBlackTV, WSC Montreal/Canada, MTL Latest, and RapCultureMTL.

Currently, Don Theking’s primary focus is on enhancing the marketing of Spaceville Hi-Fi to extend its reach. He plans to channel more energy into marketing efforts to ensure Spaceville Hi-Fi becomes a household name in Montreal and beyond. Don is also eager to release instrumental mixtapes and albums, showcasing his distinctive sound and atmospheric instrumentals.

“Montreal has made me who I am today,” says Don Theking. “My goal is to put this city on the map and inspire my community and the next generation to turn their dreams into reality by any means necessary.”

As Don Theking continues to innovate and expand Spaceville Hi-Fi, he remains committed to supporting local artists and providing them with the exposure they deserve. His vision for the future includes broader collaborations and more platforms for artists to share their work, all while maintaining the unique, smooth sound that has set Spaceville Hi-Fi apart.

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About Don Theking

Don Theking is a Montreal-based music producer and the mastermind behind Spaceville Hi-Fi. Known for his unique remixes, DJ mixes, and atmospheric instrumentals, Don Theking is dedicated to uplifting Montreal’s music scene and providing a platform for local talent to shine.

About Spaceville Hi-Fi

Spaceville Hi-Fi is an innovative music platform based in Montreal, offering artists the opportunity to record exclusive songs, create mashups, and reach wider audiences. Through Spaceville Hi-Fi, Don Theking aims to support and promote local talent while expanding the reach of Montreal’s vibrant music scene.

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