Toronto’s Big Coach Elevates the Scene with New Single and Music Video ‘Twice a Week’

Toronto’s rising rap star, Big Coach, continues to make waves with the release of his latest single and music video, “Twice a Week.” Following his successful 2024 debut single “Negotiations” and his rebranding from Young Early to Big Coach, he is set to make an even bigger impact under his new identity.

Big Coach embodies the underground Toronto vibe that resonates with the city’s hustlers. His music, image, and lifestyle offer a glimpse into his world, filled with raw energy and authentic experiences. Each release deepens the listener’s connection to his narrative, creating a shared journey of growth and authenticity.

Known for his distinctive beat selection, gritty lyrics, and unapologetic authenticity, Big Coach crafts immersive sonic landscapes with each track. His commitment to staying true to himself while pushing artistic boundaries distinguishes him as a formidable force in Toronto’s evolving music scene.

Drawing from a diverse array of hip-hop influences, Big Coach’s sound captivates with its unique, infectious quality. Earlier tracks like ‘In My Ways’ and ‘Negotiations’ showcased his versatility and lyrical depth, setting the stage for more to come.

The highly anticipated music video for ‘Twice a Week’ is now available on YouTube, adding a visual layer to his artistic expression. Fans can also stream his latest single on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

For updates on Big Coach and his upcoming releases, follow him on Instagram @realbigcoach.

About Big Coach:

Big Coach is igniting the Toronto music scene with his signature style and undeniable talent. Formerly known as Young Early, his rebrand to Big Coach marks a new chapter with bigger ambitions. Transitioning from a college basketball standout to a dynamic music artist, he brings a unique energy and perspective to the rap game.

As the younger brother of NBA star Tristan Thompson, Big Coach is not just making music – he’s creating a movement. His tracks break the mold of the typical Toronto sound, blending hip-hop with innovative beats to resonate deeply with listeners and set new standards.

Featured on prominent platforms like 6ixbuzz, Toronto Rappers, and Keep6ixsolid, Big Coach is quickly establishing himself in the city’s vibrant music scene. His relentless work ethic and dedication to his craft ensure that each release pushes boundaries and showcases his evolution as an artist. With much more to come, Big Coach is just getting started. The best is yet to come.

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