West Coast Producer SavDidIt (Kevin Gates, Snoop, Future & more) Releases Beats Online

It’s not too often you see known producers with a pretty impressive resume making their tracks available to the public or even just online for our listening pleasure but that’s exactly what acclaimed producer SAV DID IT (Kevin Gates, Snoop, Future & more) decided to do when he recently released a plethora of his beats online for any aspiring artists looking to get their hands on Grade A production at affordable prices.

After a few minutes of scrolling through this extensive catalog it’s pretty clear this man is fan of creating his own touch to nearly every genre we can think of and it’s pretty damn impressive. There’s an enormous collection of Trap, Pop, EDM, Soulful R&B, Traditional Hip-Hop, Club Bangers, Dubstep, East Coast, West Coast and hypnotizing G-Funk beats that should suit the production needs of any artist out there.

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