Arctic Wave Releases Relatable Anthem “Air to Breathe”

Arctic Wave, formerly known as Dry Ice & The Crescendos, is back with a bang, dropping their latest single “Air to Breathe” and it’s an absolute anthem! If you’ve ever felt like the walls are closing in and you just need some space to catch your breath, this track is your new best friend.

With lyrics that hit close to home for anyone grappling with the daily grind, Arctic Wave nails the feeling of suffocation in modern life. The chorus will stick in your head like glue, and that infectious guitar lick? Pure magic.

But it’s not just about catchy tunes. Arctic Wave dives deep into the human experience, serving up a raw emotional journey that resonates with us all. Behind the music lies a story of resilience and renewal, with the band’s founder C.L Turner channeling personal struggles into powerful melodies.

“Air to Breathe” is just a taste of what Arctic Wave has in store. With a solid lineup of original compositions under their belt and a killer team of collaborators like producer Will Hensley, this band is poised to take the music world by storm. So crank up the volume and let Arctic Wave give you the “Air to Breathe” you’ve been craving. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Watch the Official Music Video here.

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