Vincent Darby, the breakout star hailing from the outskirts of Birmingham, England, is poised to shake up the R&B/Pop scene with his latest single, “Rogue,” accompanied by a mesmerizing visualizer. The official music video for “Rogue” is slated for release on April 3rd, setting the stage for the highly awaited debut of Vincent’s EP, “FOR WHEN IT’S OVER,” on the same day.

Infusing his music with the soulful beats of his upbringing and the vibrant sounds of his Jamaican heritage, Vincent Darby’s musical journey is a testament to his artistry and determination. “Rogue” weaves a tale of temptation and longing, exploring the depths of desire and the complexities of forbidden love.

Discussing the inspiration behind “Rogue,” Vincent revealed, “Originally crafted for a project intended for Drake, the track’s infectious energy, produced by the talented Sage Works from Brooklyn, resonated deeply with us. As we penned the lyrics, it became evident that ‘Rogue’ was destined for my own venture. It was a unanimous decision, and I am thrilled with the outcome.”

Immerse yourself in the allure of “Rogue” by watching the captivating visualizer here:

Vincent Darby’s forthcoming EP, “FOR WHEN IT’S OVER,” promises a musical experience like no other, blending R&B and Pop influences in his signature style. Mark your calendars for the official release on April 3rd, as Vincent Darby solidifies his position as a groundbreaking force in the music realm.

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Listen to “Rogue”:

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