Ré Alissa Releases New EP “Falling”

Hey music lovers, get ready to catch some feelings because Ré Alissa just dropped her latest EP, “Falling,” and it’s like a musical love potion. I got a sneak peek into this R&B wonderland, and let me tell you, it’s a journey through the highs and lows of love that’ll leave you reaching for the tissues and the dance floor at the same time.

This EP, like a fine wine, has been aging to perfection. Ré Alissa has been cooking up these tunes for a while, and you can feel the heart and soul poured into every note. “Falling” is a sonic rollercoaster through the labyrinth of love, from the heady excitement of first glances to the gut-punch of goodbyes. If you’ve ever had a crush, a heartbreak, or a “what the heck is going on here” moment in a relationship, this EP is your soul sister.

Recorded in the heart of the City of Angels, “Falling” is not just an EP; it’s a vibe. Mixing modern R&B with hip-hop and throwing in some sweet 90’s nostalgia, Ré Alissa creates a sound cocktail that’s irresistible. The tracklist is like a well-curated playlist for your love life, with each song telling a different tale of romance. It’s like she’s handing you the aux cord and saying, “Let me guide you through the emotions.”

And can we talk about Ré Alissa’s influences? Brandy, Aaliyah, TLC, Destiny’s Child—legends in the game. But Ré Alissa doesn’t just mimic, she puts her own spin on things. Her sound, drenched in 90’s R&B vibes, is a fresh breeze in the music scene. No wonder heavyweights like Juice WRLD, Bootsy Collins, Babyface, and Toni Braxton are tipping their hats to her.

Ré Alissa isn’t just a singer; she’s a musical powerhouse. She wears more hats than your grandma’s closet—producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist—the girl does it all. And the stage is her playground. Having wowed crowds in Chicago, New York, and LA, she’s got a magnetic stage presence that’ll leave you wondering if she’s a magician pulling emotions out of thin air.

Already making waves with her single “Movie” (37,000 streams, no big deal), Ré Alissa is making serious moves. Spotify knows what’s up, featuring her on playlists like “New Wave R&B” and “Fresh Finds R&B.” As she continues to climb the R&B ladder, “Falling” is not just an EP; it’s a statement. A testament to Ré Alissa’s artistry and a mandatory addition to your playlist if you’re a fan of soulful, genre-bending music.

Get ready to dive into the love labyrinth with Ré Alissa’s “Falling.” Your ears will thank you, and your heart might just do a little happy dance.

Listen to “Falling” on Spotify here.

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