Jay Putty Releases New Hit “On My Way”

Hey there, music fam! Let’s chat about Jay Putty’s latest track, “On My Way.” First off, if you haven’t heard “The Best Days Are Yet To Come,” you’re missing out on some serious good vibes. But no worries, “On My Way” is here to keep the positivity train rolling.

This folk-pop anthem is like a musical shot of espresso for your soul. Jay Putty dives into life’s rollercoaster ride, reminding us that even when things get tough, there’s always a chance for a plot twist that flips the script. It’s the kind of track that makes you wanna conquer the world with a smile on your face.

Jay spills his heart out in this one, sharing personal stories like his house burning down (yikes!) turning into a blessing in disguise as it led to a first date with his now-wife. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! And don’t get me started on how the passing of his father became the inspiration for living life to the fullest. It’s the real-deal emotions packed into a feel-good melody.

According to the man himself, Jay Putty, “If you’re breathing, you have the ability to move forward.” Preach, Jay! This song is all about resilience and embracing life’s crazy journey, no matter how unfair it might seem at times.

Now, let’s talk instruments. “On My Way” is like a musical buffet featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, drums, piano, organ, bass, banjo, mandolin, and even a djembe. They threw in the whole kitchen sink, and I’m here for it! Shoutout to the dream team of Jay Putty, Michael McQuaid, and Maggie Cothren for whipping up this musical masterpiece. And big kudos to Kevin Gates at Reach Audio for the top-notch production, mixing, and mastering.

Oh, did I mention this anthem already scored a spot on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter? Jay Putty’s not just making music; he’s making moves.

With streams in the hundreds of thousands and rubbing shoulders with big brands like Ralph Lauren and Draftkings, Jay’s clearly making waves. And guess what? He’s set up shop in Nashville, trading cornfields for country tunes. Plus, the dude’s a dedicated movie-goer – just like us, right?

So, if you’re into heartwarming tunes, genuine storytelling, and an artist who’s as real as it gets, Jay Putty’s “On My Way” is your next anthem. Press play, soak in the good vibes, and join the Jay Putty fan club. This guy’s on fire!

Visit Jay on IG here. And be sure to give “On My Way” a listen on Spotify here.

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