Jooselord Releases New Hip-Hop/Hardcore Fused Hit In “Oh Yeah!”

North Carolina native and Krawzbonez’s frontman Jooselord delivers his latest Hip-Hop/Hardcore effort “Oh Yeah!.”

Produced by in-house sound architect Chill, the song is an anthem for the homies and homies homies. Its eerie yet commanding instrumentation coupled with call-and-response messaging guarantees to leave a sonic impression impossible to forget.

In an exclusive press statement to Medium Creative Agency, Jooselord recalls what inspired him to create the song:

“I wanted to make a song that was inclusive to groups of all kinds. Everyone has a squad they belong to; whether it be a sports team fan, gamer, or even a housewife. It’s about community as well as the balance of love and chaos. It’s about how much I love the people around me and how far I would go to prove it.”

In 2018, Jooselord released his debut album S.K.U.L.L. which tackled issues of police brutality, systematic oppression, and mental health with unapologetic honesty; earning him widespread critical acclaim and solidifying his place as the speakerbox for the voiceless. He followed that release with Moshpit Messiah in 2020, much of which was written while protesting in the streets of Durham. The project pushed Joose’s momentum into becoming one of the brightest rising stars.

Summer of 2021, Jooselord released a timely single titled “Quarantine” which received critical acclaim from culture-forward media outlets like REVOLT TV, Global Grind, and Dirty Glove Bastard. The record was a reflection of the struggles and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic making it extremely relatable to listeners all over the world.

Take a trip to Neverland under the command of the lead pirate by streaming “Oh Yeah!” on your DSP of choice via Krawzbonez Music/United Masters.

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