Hollywood Entertainment Agent, Michael Pellegrino is The Best of The Best!

Best of the best in the world of Hollywood Entertainment Agents is Michael Pellegrino. Best known for working with legendary public figures such as The Four Tops (formally), Ronnie McNeir, Larry Braggs, Ice-T, Coco. Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Hulk Hogan, Mark Koch, and many others. Soon Michael will be launching the weekly podcast called The Authors World Podcast in collaboration with Sherry D’Agostino which will feature authors from all over the world. The Authors World will be unveiling some of the most exciting concepts to ever be introduced to the literary community.

The ultimate goal is to create a global community for all authors and readers to be able to connect with each other. One of the biggest things Michael Pellegrino hopes to accomplish is to give authors a new platform for their voices to be heard. This includes the talented new authors of the world that haven’t been truly successful yet. There are so many talented writers in the world but the old system in the literary world has not granted these incredible authors a voice or for their work to be read. The Authors World will give the new generation of authors the opportunity to show the world what they have to offer. At the same time, it will give established authors and publishers the opportunity to showcase their works.

Currently, Michael Pellegrino is the exclusive packaging agent for the feature film titled Mr. Irrelevant. This is a film written by Steve Alten who is the writer of the current box office blockbuster hit, Meg 2: The Trench. With a proven track record of delivering box office hits, Michael Pellegrino is committed to ensuring that “Mr. Irrelevant” and all of the projects he’s involved with receives the attention it deserves. As an expert in his field, he crafts strategies that elevate film/tv projects to new heights.

Also, Michael is attached to a film written by the late great John Candy, called Our Father. It’s the very last script that John Candy ever wrote. Michael’s dear friend Mark Koch brought the script years ago and has been trying ever since to get this film made. Mark Koch is the producer of such great films like Lost in Space. Michael is in the process of becoming a partner in the script in hopes of producing this incredible film with Mark Koch which will be directed by one of Hollywood’s most intense hands on talented directors Mark Neveldine.

Michael was given the opportunity to help finish developing and packaging an incredible concept that has the legendary ICE-T involved. It’s an amination TV series titled Tech City. A while back Ice called Michael and asked him if he would be interested in getting involved with him and an animator who goes by the name Tommy The Animator. Michael said yes immediately. A few days later Michael flew Tommy into Chicago to meet him and his production team. Tech City has some of the greatest stars in the world attached to the show. It stars ICE-T, Treach, Mike Epps, Tracy Morgan, Coco Austin (ICE-T’s wife) , Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, and Arabian Prince. The music is being composed by the legendary Dr. Dre. This is definitely going to be an amazing show and has a strong chance that this could possibly turn into a feature film.

Michael is the creator of FuzzBunz which is a in the works children’s animation show for the age group between 2 to 7 years old. It’s a show that features the most incredible characters called the FuzzBunz who possess magical powers. The FuzzBunz are characters that instill a positive message to children. The show will inspire children to eat healthy and at the same time each episode will be dedicated to teaching a life lesson in a positive way. It does so by still being extremely entertaining. Each episode has an original song that not only is fun and entertaining but the lyrics have a hidden positive message in each song. Michael has recently been working on developing a game app for the FuzzBunz that will be launching very soon. The FuzzBunz will have interaction gaming, merchandising such as toys, action figures, and clothing. Michael is getting ready to start discussions with the company Build A Bear so that children can go into the store and build their favorite FuzzBunz.

Michael Pellegrino as a prominent figure in multiple creative communities has immense pride being a voting member of the prestigious Recording Academy, a recognized member of the esteemed Writer’s Guild of America, and an esteemed member of the Author’s Guild.

With his extensive involvement in the Recording Academy, the Writer’s Guild of America, and the Author’s Guild, coupled with his invaluable contributions to TheAuthorsWorld.Com and The Authors World Podcast, Michael Pellegrino has truly established himself as a respected voice within the creative arena. We wholeheartedly recommend connecting with Michael to tap into his invaluable expertise, gain inspiration from his vast insights, and explore the world of literary wonders along with tv/film projects he has helped shape. Get connected with Michael online: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-pellegrino-75496346/

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