Vinci Globetrotta Shows His Authenticity Through The Music

In the vast realm of music, Vinci Globetrotta, aka “Big Himalaya,” stands out as a distinctive and genuine artist through his sound. With a seamless fusion of rap and singing, Vinci’s sound mirrors his diverse influences and life experiences.

His musical journey began under his mother’s tutelage and in the Baptist Church choir. These early foundations honed his skills and confidence. Vinci’s introduction to rap through his brother and participation in high school cyphers further molded his artistic identity. Originally from Mississippi and having lived across the U.S., Vinci’s alias “Globetrotta” embodies not just his physical travels, but also his artistic exploration. He draws inspiration from his listeners, striving to inspire and spread positivity through his music.

Vinci’s compositions emanate energy, introspection, and hopefulness. He aspires to leave a lasting impression, encouraging others to embrace life’s voyage. His lyrics delve into relatable themes and universal human experiences. For Vinci, music isn’t merely a pursuit but a life purpose. He aims to uplift and instigate positive change through his art. Recent tracks like “No Regulars” and “2 Trilly” demonstrate his evolving style and creativity. Upcoming singles and an EP promise to reveal his musical depth even more.

Vinci Globetrotta’s music is more than entertainment – it’s a piece of his soul, a testament to resilience, and an invitation to connect. His seamless blend of rap and singing, infused with life’s lessons, positions him uniquely in the ever-evolving musical landscape.

Check out his music below:

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  1. This article is very inspirational. Always looking for artists that have stories through their music. Just listening to the previews above I can hear @vinciglobetrotta passion and creativity. That’s a lyricist right there!! Definitely following @vinciglobetrotta Thank you @onewestmagazine

  2. This young Man has always been ahead of the game…far and beyond his time. His talent knows no end. HIS

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