Introducing All Day Trading Company: A Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Spirit

Meet the creative force behind All Day Trading Company, a dynamic entrepreneur known by the name All Day Clothing and Jewelry. With a background deeply rooted in skater, punk rock, and hip hop cultures, this artist draws inspiration from their vibrant community, which serves as the foundation of their work. Originally hailing from Michigan and DC, they found their artistic home in Portland, OR, and later ventured to San Francisco in 1995, where they opened a boutique art gallery to support local artists. Upon returning to Portland in 2010, they established successful brands like Virgin69 and Precious Rebellion before launching their latest venture, All Day Trading Company.

Overcoming challenges has been a defining aspect of All Day Clothing and Jewelry’s journey. One of the toughest obstacles they’ve faced is the constant struggle to be understood by others. As a free spirit living life on their terms, they find that most people struggle to comprehend their unique perspective. Defending their views and maintaining their individuality in a society that often conforms can be incredibly challenging. Despite these hurdles, they persevere, embodying the true essence of freedom and self-expression.

As a business, All Day Clothing and Jewelry’s greatest achievement lies in their patience and understanding. They believe in going with the flow and allowing their creativity to guide them. Each day presents an opportunity to seize the moment and make a meaningful impact. With their unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, they continue to evolve creatively, constantly seeking new horizons. Looking forward, All Day Clothing and Jewelry has an exciting project in the works. They are introducing a new character named TOTT (Talk Of The Town), who will be incorporated into their brand, adding another layer of depth and creativity to their already diverse lineup.

Follow them on Instagram @Alltradingco to keep up with announcements and their latest moves.


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  1. The brand brings a comfortable familiarity with it. I appreciate the breathable fabrics and everything I have conforms to my body. I’ve added style to my wardrobe the minute I purchased my first fit. Thanks All Day!

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