Cali Dubbs an 800 Credit Score by learning The Great American Credit Secret

The key to conquering credit in America is kept under wraps, benefitting the few instead of the many. However, through The Great American Credit Secret, an online course, a best-selling book, and a famous TED Talk, the secret has been exposed by select professionals. These professionals have chosen to educate the masses, inspire people to fix their credit and focus on generational wealth.

The Great American Credit Secret is a great educational resource, but what happens to those who actually follow the advice of the creators of the helpful materials? In this article, we will highlight a man named Cali Dubb, also known as Rashad Davis, who has turned his life and career around by studying The Great American Credit Secret.

A Spotlight on Cali Dubb–From Creative to Businessman

Before coming across The Great American Credit Secret, Cali Dubb was a humble rapper from California with big dreams. His credit was poor due to a lack of understanding of how the system worked. Because of his poor credit score, Cali Dubb looked unattractive to lenders, and he was unable to properly invest in his own career. Having bad credit was crippling his dreams, stopping him from promoting his music, perfecting his craft, and moving up in the music industry. His credit score also stopped him from being able to move forward with his new business venture.

Like many Americans, Cali Dubb took a risk and started a business to try to improve his position, but without knowing how credit worked, he couldn’t secure the funding to get the ball rolling. He sought out financial mentorship as a last-ditch effort, which introduced him to The Great American Credit Secret.

Through the course, Cali Dubb started leveraging his credit and learned enough about business funding to get his business moving. He also gained enough financial flexibility to promote his music on a larger scale and gain returns on his investment in the recording and production of his music.

Those big dreams he always had are turning into a reality. From poor credit to an 800 credit score, Cali Dubb has improved his financial position enough to be able to purchase a house. His plan is to have an in-home studio complete with all the equipment he needs to save on studio costs and improve his margins going forward.

Before, Cali Dubb was going to fall victim to the trap of the American credit system. He had the talent, had the skill, but it was his lack of credit knowledge that would be his downfall. He credits The Great American Credit Secret for turning him from just an artist and rapper to a businessman. Now, Cali Dubb raps about The Great American Credit Secret, hoping that others will be inspired to learn more about credit from his story.

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